2020-04-28. AM 08:00
[HOF] May 2020 @Aspin

The invention of camera was
a colossal event that
brought a sense of crisis
and spirit of challenge
in landscapes.

Pictures taking the nature as it is
made the drawings to focus
on the essense of it,
than its physical appearance.
In this process,
more various expressions
were being pursued.

@Aspin was selected
for the Hall of Fame in May.

Aspin has been showing the beauty
of nature to us with her perspective
with creative expressions.

Your pieces have various expressions
on nature that can be contained
in drawings.

The rough coloring doesn’t clearly
show its boundary and seems
like the expression of the essence
of nature with the acceptance
and harmony.

Stretched lines to any direction
seem to tell us the freedom
of nature where straight lines
don’t exist.

Also, the changes from lights
gives us various senses as well..

The nature expressed
by lights and shadows
is showing its mystique
and infinite changes
like the landscape in dreams.

Visit her feed and meet beautiful
and fantastic landsacpes of nature.
Don’t forget ‘like’ her penbook
with a congratulation!
Please look forward
to the coming interview
with the artist.

Thank you.

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