2020-04-28. AM 07:41
[Notice] PENUP Guideline for community usage

Hello PENPLEs!

PENUP is a space where thousands
of people of different ages
from all over the world communicate
through painting.

For a pleasant community environment
of PENUP Users who violate
the community guide may be subject
to sanctions for using the service.

In particular, we remind you
that it is easy to infringe
on the personality and honor
of an individual with a comment.
Please be careful when using
the community.

Also, if you find a comment
that violates the guidelines,
please use the “Report Content”
function to the right of the comment
to actively report it.

※ Community guidelines
for sanctions are listed below.

– Highly exposed or obscene images
  and language
– Images containing physical damage
  or excessive violence
– Copyright infringement
– Aggressive language and profanity
– Threats and harassment to others
– Impersonation and defamation
– Youth harmful substances such as
  drugs, smoking, drinking, weapons
– Spam or phishing
– Terrorism, crime promotion
  and racism

If unnecessary reporting continues,
the user may also be
at a disadvantage.

PENUP's management team
will always try
to make everyone happy
with PENUP.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team