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[Challenge] 2020. May : Let's draw My home

What do you recall
from the word house?

You could imagine a house you live
or will live in
or a room with yourself or family.

A house you sleep or have your meals
as a part of daily life,
or a place for rest
that you watch TV,
play computer games,
read books and have tea.

My home, the place I live,
the place for me. ‘My home’
It’s the topic for this challenge.

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room / @MT12
the other room / @neschof

More people are recognizing
a house that they can comfortably
lie down and kick up their heels
as a space for resting.

Also, more people are residing
in apartment house
that does not allow its exterior,
and interior design
is being their interests.

The world became communicable via
the development of the internet
and it made various materials
and information very accessible.
That’s why more people are
trying DIY.

From flower pots, frames, lights,
furnitures to wallpapers,
more people decorate,
design their own place and house
and enjoy the process.

House 2 / @Anim
Hanok / @ usk_keesunge

Old shapes of house are getting
very popular that may be considered
uncomfortable for living.

They have been developed
by the surroundings
and in structural harmony
between the present structure
of convenience and the wisdom
of many people over many years.

Of course this is not
the only method,
but more houses are being built
by the reinterpretation
in modern perspectives
to only take the merits.

We are curious
about the reinterpretation
of “my house” in the future.

Secret village / @SPR
midnight doodle. / @Elmoghira

Houses are currently
under a changing process
to contain personal preference
through the diversification
of building equipment
and the ones to overcome
natural environments.

Avoid from simple structures,
include various curves
and figures and pursues
creativities such as animal
and object shapes.

There are houses built
in limited places
with very difficult environments
for human living such as in caves,
glaciers and at cliffs.

we believe for the future,
we can find our own places
in space, not on earth.
What house do you want to have?
And how do you want to decorate it?
Join the challenge
by drawing your house
you are living in right now
and want to live in the future.

Sharing stories with friends
in the world and completing
your dream house will be
so exciting!

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from May. 1(Fri) to May. 15(Fri).

We look forward to
your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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