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[Review] Challenge of March (2)

Hello, PENPLEs

‘Yellow’, Symbolizing new ideas
and confidence was the topic
of this challenge.

Starting with the March Challenge,
we are making a video for PENUP.
First, we will love
to introduce the winners
of this challenge with a video!

* If you don't see the video,
please check the link below!
Go to the challenge epilogue video

Through this challenge
that many people participated in,
we were able to see nature
with yellow and various places
and objects, and it was a great time
to realize that a color could be
differentially expressed
by one’s personality and ideas.

Thank you all who filled up
your challenge feed
with great works.

So, why don’t we meet the winners
of this challenge?

Rape flowers / @SSB
소녀의 놀이터 / @pokapoka

Between blue skies,
white cloud floats
and yellow Canolas are spread widely
with the news of spring.
The buildings in the surroundings
became the landscape
of beautiful materials together
with a beautiful flower garden
as a part of nature.
We are so envious
of the excited two in it.
It’s presented by @SSB.

The yellow trees and hills,
a girl is enjoying the warm sunlight
on a little ship looking
like a petal in the lake down there.
The mysterious yellow
and white lights came
around the girl are gathered
on her hands
as they want a handshake.
Maybe it’s the greetings
of the girl’s playground
to the girl.
It’s presented by @pokapoka.

YELLOW 카나리아 canary 아름다운
소리를 들어보셨나요~? / @jinhee
Yellow Plumeria / @Sugan

A yellow canary is singing
a song on a perch.
The notes flowing like the milky way
and shining stars are saying
the canary’s song is beautiful.
They say canary teach songs
like a master and pupil
and edits it to make its own.
It’s so curious
to know what song it is singing,
it’s presented by @jinhee.

The green leaves and pinwheel-shaped
yellow flowers on the branch
are blooming in a row.
They are saying the beauty
isn’t done yet
and only the buds are left.
Plumeria in the language
of flowers means
‘it’s lucky to meet you’.
It’s presented by @Sugan.

Yellow skies / @AntoineKhanji
warm cat / @soya

In the sky behind the Eiffel Tower
and city.
There are gray and white clouds
and the sky made by the sun
and the blue sky is beautifully
The landscape in Paris,
with mysterious and warm mood
by the light-yellow sky,
it’s presented by @AntoineKhanji.

The cats are comfortably laying
himself on his lap
and he pets the cat
with a happy smile.
The laziness of the cat
with the feeling of comfort
and the happiness
of the man feeling
the temperature of the cat,
they are coming as yellow,
orange and white lights.
It’s presented by @soya.

Birch forest(자작나무 숲) / @ch0ea
Sunflower / @Savannah

Fall is here in the forest.
Birch trees are wearing
yellow leaves and the sides
of a path show up yellow
and orange flowers.
How does she feel walking
to the forest on the path?
Her yellow coat is presenting
her feeling, I guess.
It’s presented by @ch0ea.

Is this the landscape
of the dewy morning?
The sunflower faces the sky
following the sun
and the scattered dews
in all directions are beautifully
reflecting the colors
of the surroundings.
The shining vitality
of the sunflower blooming in summer,
it’s presented by @Savannah.

sugar Star⭐and cat / @azu
With the energy of spring
/ @jinhaehwa

A gray-haired cat is reaching
her hand in the bottle.
It seems to catch the stars
in the bottle.
I guess the cat brought out
the hanging and dropped ones
on the floor from the bottle.
Where does it want
to decorate the stars for the next?
It’s presented by @azu.

Yellow symbolizes spring.
The sensibly drawn petals enable us
to feel the beauty of the spring
and the bright and shiny yellow
in a dark green screen delivers
the warmth of the spring.
The power of spring
with all lives coming to this world,
it’s presented by @jinhaehwa.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of April,
‘Let’s draw River’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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