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[Challenge] 2020. April : Let's draw River

What images do you imagine
when you think of a river?

There is a big river
penetrating the center of a city
and another river ends up
in the waterfall
through giant forest.

There are salmons go up-stream
a river for spawning, fishers
and bears that want
to catch them in the river.

A cruise ship under the bridge
or a wooden house
or boat on the river
can be imagined by city
or country with various landscapes.

The topic of this challenge is
‘River’, as the big path
where the water flows.

marsh river / @ucru
forest river / @stephan

Rivers are the beginning
of civilization and history.

Lots of steams gather into a river
and saltless water necessary
for survival and things
from flowing water fertilize
the land which brings people
with a livable environment.

Egypt, Mesopotamia and Indus,
the Yellow River, etc.
All the birthplaces of civilization
as called the beginning
of the historic era are developed
around the rivers.

Kapuas River / @Aspin
cabin on the river / @Mrpra38

Rivers have contrary meanings
such as separation
and communication.
As the meaning of separation,
it cannot be crossed easily
without tools. the River Styx
from the legends in the East
and the West to divide the boundary
of this world and afterlife,
and still the borders of many cities
or countries are divided
by the rivers.

To the other way,
it has a meaning of communication.
Human or animals can’t carry a lot.
However, using the river enables
carrying any amount of things.
So it’s used as a place
of communication with the flow
of logistics.

spring by the river / @Nigart
by the river / @zak

Earth has a lot of mysterious
and beautiful rivers as it’s width.
There is the underground river
Puerto Princesa flowing underground
below the mountains
in the Philippines.

There is the red river Rio Tinto,
Spain due to the high proportion
of iron in the water.

One of the most beautiful rivers
in the world, Cano Cristales River,
Colombia, is affected
by aquatic plants and colored
in different colors
which is called liquid rainbow
or the river of the five colors.
Please introduce various rivers
you are imagined
through this challenge.

It will be a great time
to share the landscapes
of various rivers with everyone
and experience the flow of nature.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from Apr. 1(Wed) to Apr. 15(wed).

We look forward to
your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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