2020-03-30. AM 03:08
[HOF] April 2020 @sarpal

Expression of lines
and colors has been a great topic
to many painters
since people started drawing.

Painters often argued the priority
in drawing between the two
and tried to find out
which one to prioritize
to express their intentions better.

@sarpal is selected
for the Hall of Fame in April,
with one answer on such worries
and disputes by beautiful pieces
expressed in colors and lines.

We met various lines
in the feed of the artist.

The contrary feeling to be static
and dynamic remains just
as it is through lines.

Nature and city, and the changes
in the activities of the people
and animals by the lines,
we can face the new landscape
we haven’t felt ever before.

Also, the various colors
with such lines seem to add vitality
to this new landscape.

Various feelings such as brightness
and darkness, and coldness
and hotness are melted in colors
in each artwork.

The expression enables
to feel the harmony of the lines
and colors.

Now, visit @sarpal’s feed
and meet beautiful lines
and colors in the works.

It will be great to congratulate
and share some stories
on the expression on the lines
and colors.

Please look forward to the coming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team