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[Review] Challenge of March (1)

The topic of this challenge was
as the tools with us.

Practical and cute stationeries
made us excited

and we realized that there are more
and various things included
in stationery with a great moment.

Thank you all who participated
in the challenge.

Now, why don’t we meet the winners
of this challenge?

(Untitled) / @Gigiv.
You've got red on you / @Rabbitee

A cat is sleeping on a chair
on the grass.
By looking at the chair,
red, blue and green pencil
became three legs of the four
and the long and sharp yellow pencil
was used as the leg
and back support.
The relaxed face can tell
that the eraser at the tip
of the pencil supports
the chair steadily.
It’s presented by @Gigiv.

A ren ink leaked out
from a ball pen put on the pocket
of a white shirt.
someone may be confused,
if he was hurt because of the red.
He is still wearing his name plate
and maybe still working yet,
he has to find the way
before customers are coming in.
It’s presented by @Rabbitee.

Pencil in use! / @ANU

Two hands are drawing each other.
A hand draws on a paper note
and another hand draws on a tablet
to complete each other’s appearance.
the stationeries of digital
and analog may be difference
in shape, but it tells
they are doing the same role
to help both hands.
It’s presented by @Wong909.

A colored pencil for paper
with detachable white thread is seen
on a table.
It’s left alone and maybe forgotten,
but it can be guessed
that it’s been used
by the title ‘Pencil in use!’
There is nothing around it
and it looks curious on where
to use it.
On writing? or on drawing?
What do you think?
It’s presented by @ANU.

Stationery / @Alex
Bunbohgu / @momo

The stationeries gathered
in one place are showing
happy faces.
They seem to sing
with great excitement.
I guess it is the person
who treats them nicely as friends.
The warm pink background
and yellow hearts make our mind warm
and feel each other’s feelings.
it’s presented by @Alex.

Many stationeries are heading
It seems they have a destiny
since they are following the road.
Where do you think they are
heading to?
It looks simple but shows
good characteristics
of each stationery.
It’s presented by @momo.

. / @Relip2811
Acquerelli / @JessicaGargano

A rice paper, inkstone, bottle
for water and ink are placed
on the desk and two brushes are
in the bamboo pencil case
next to it.
I guess the bamboo drawing
above the cabinet is pasted
by the owner of the room.
I think a room of a scholar
in Joseon era of Korea
must look like that.
Various stationeries from the East,
It’s presented by @Relip2811.

There are various colors
of paints on the wood palette.
Various colors of paints were used
but blue-like colors
are taking a big portion of it.
A colored paint is stained
with the brush and I guess
it’s because of drawing something
with a lot of blue.
It makes us curious about
what the painter draws.
It’s presented by @JessicaGargano.

A moment in time / @Zaba
Little game in childhood / @Hang0o0

A man in the Old Stone Age drawing
on the wall of a cave
and a present man drawing
on papers and tablets are connected
at the moment.
Drawing the past from the future
and imagining the future
from the past, I wonder
what the two men will draw
in the future.
It’s presented by @Zaba.

Stationeries are tools
for recording but also great toys
in your school life.
Students are gathered
and playing the game to push off
the stationeries from the desk
by flicking off fingers.
A student trying to push off
his tool with shining glasses
shows that he got the great chance.
It’s presented by @Hang0o0.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The Second challenge of March,
‘Let’s draw Yellow’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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