2020-03-12. AM 09:54
[Challenge] 2020. March : Let's draw Yellow

What do you imagine
when you see a lemon,
banana or sunflower?

Yellow represents them
and it can be easily found
from sprouts and chicks
which means children.

It symbolized an emperor in China
and it has happiness as its meaning
in India.

It’s the color of fertile land,
the color of the field
and gold in harvest season
and the color of wealth.

It means honor because it is
the closest color to the sun.
Also together with it,
it the color of
alert and notification
since it’s very noticeable.
‘Yellow’ is the topic
of this challenge.

spring rain / @silver77
umbrella / @nuj_junheesung

Yellow is being used
a lot for our safety.

It has a high visibility
when it’s combined with black.
So it is noticeable from the far
and is being used as the meaning
of alert or guidance
in various places on the road
such as center line,
signage and parking line, etc.

THe reason why yellow is
massively used for children’s stuff
is because it could be helpful
in easily finding short childrens
under bad weather on the road.

Yellow or bright color
of umbrellas have significantly
less accident rate
than dark colors of them.

Christmas in the city / @JiJiLeifson
MyKiss... / @artNstillLife

Yellow is the color
loved by famous painters.

Paul Gauguin and Klimt
also enjoyed using yellow,
and many landscape painters
also used them a lot since
it’s a close color to light.

The painter Vincent Van Gogh
is known for his love for yellow.
His gift and dynamic life story
made a lot of rumors about
that he used massive yellow
on his pieces.

It would be great
to think about the reasons
why painters loved yellow
while drawing your piece
with yellow through this challenge.

Yellow tree / @Navi
After Sunrise / @Vanil

Newborn babies who can just see
the colors love yellow the most.

They say yellow brings
psychological confidence
and optimism for us.

Also, it is the color
that stimulates our brains
to develop creativity
and thinking ability and helps us
to gain new ideas.

What feelings do you have
when you see yellow color?
Feel free to imagine
and challenge this time.

This challenge will be
proceeded for 16 days
From Mar. 16(Mon) to Mar. 31(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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