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[Interview] HOF March 2020 @dorothy

Have you found seasons
in landscapes?

Seasons are big incidents
can be found in landscapes
as well as important elements
that can be felt with the flow
of nature.

Blooming flowers of spring,
green trees of summer,
harvesting fall and snowy winter.
Landscapes in various seasons touch
painters and as well
as many people’s sensibility
which are created by nature.

@dorothy was selected
for the Hall of Fame in March.
She sensibly captures
beautiful moments in seasons
and gives us a lot to enjoy.

In her feed, there are a lot of
appearances of beautiful seasons.
from flowers to trees,
the changes are expressed
in her works of the mountains
and forests where they are gathered.

Also, the appearances
of humans and animals
changing with such nature are
entertaining elements
as well as the attraction of her works.

From these various works,
now, we wonder who she is.
Why don’t we start
our interview with @dorothy now?

Hello, @dorothy.
We are the operations team of PENUP.

Congratulations for being selected
in the Hall of Fame of March 2020.

Please tell us how you feel
about being selected
in the Hall of Fame.

A1. @dorothy
I am INSUK PARK, 64 years old
and living in Cheonan-si,
Republic of Korea.

I have been conducting lectures
on computers and smartphones
for a long time as well
as mobile art lectures
over two years.

I had a bad childhood
which I couldn’t even have crayons.
I was the youngest among
five siblings, got crayons
from my brothers and sisters
but some colors were used up already
and the remaining ones weren’t
colored as thick as one
of my friends had
so I always envied her.

I just wanted to draw
since I grew up
but was so scared of coloring.

So I have never drawn watercolors
or oil paintings or seen how
to draw them so I just made
some drawings with pencils and pens.

First of all,
I really appreciate PENUP
who selected me
for the Hall of Fame.

Also, I want to thank many friends
from the world who are active

I didn’t even know how
to color at first,
but some friends gave me
some likes which I found
my braveness that allowed me
to draw this far.

I started late, but the grandmother
‘MOSIS’ said ‘It’s never too late’,
I want to focus on drawing
like a always dreaming girl
regardless of my age.

The first work you uploaded
in PENUP was August 2016.

You’ve been working quite
long with us.
We wonder how you found PENUP
and started uploading your work.

A2. @dorothy
I accidentally learned ‘mobile art’
from the first mobile artist
and painter ‘Byunggil Jeong’
on facebook in 2016
and the app ‘Artage’.

I had a surgery on my wrist
that time since then I couldn’t
start drawing for a couple
of months.

After a few months,
I bought a Samsung Tablet PC
and started drawing right away.
I used ‘PENUP’ application
because it was installed in it.

But I was so lost in coloring
because I never learned drawing
in my life.

I was so eager to draw clouds
but got frustrated
by my strange results at that time.

But I continued to upload
my funny drawings but my friends
on PENUP still gave me likes.
I gained my courage from that
and continued drawing.

From your feed,
There were various works
as landscapes, abstractions, etc.

What devices and drawing tools
are you using in producing
these works?

A3. @dorothy
I have been using my smartphone
‘Samsung Galaxy Note 8’
but I wanted to draw
in a bigger screen because
of my bad eyesight,
so I bought ‘Samsung Galaxy
Tab A/32GB’ to draw on a big screen
from the beginning.

Since I continued to draw,
I needed more capacity
and bought again ‘Samsung Galaxy
Tab S4/256GB’ last summer to draw.
The pen is very smooth
and has a great pressure.
I so want to recommend it for people
who are sensitive with that.
It is such a satisfying tablet
in every aspect.

The first app I found was ‘Artrage’
and I think it is a great app
for oil paintings so I use this
in expressing solid feelings.
In ‘Infinitepainter’, you can download
brushes to use and I like that.
So I use it when I want
to give different expressions.

I used some apps including
‘Autodesk Sketchbook’, etc.
But my favorites and the most
frequently used apps are ‘Artrage’
and ‘Infinitepainter’.

You drew a lot of landscapes
with seasons.

We want to hear about
your favorite season and its charm.

Also, we wonder the reason
why you use a season
as your material.

A4. @dorothy
I love the four seasons
in Korea very much.
Each season gives different feelings
and during the change of seasons,
new sensibility returns
to bring me to the world
of delight that the special
experience exists
where happiness is doubled.

I particularly liked fall
in my adolescence
but I fell in love
with all changes
of seasons recently.

In spring, I fall in love
with sprouting light-green leaves
and beautiful flowers that make me
a girl who wants to flatteringly fly
like a butterfly.

In summer, the heat is very
exhausting but the strong green
or fresh cicada sounds are
attractive as they are.

In fall, beautiful autumn colors
from everywhere lure me. It has
more colors of nature
and it makes me fall in love
with the rich and great nature.

In winter, I am attracted
to the white snow scenes.
Heavy snow in real life makes me
worried about my driving
but looking at the snowy white land
makes me so happy and excited.

I was able to be happy,
keep smiling and living
with challenges in my life
because there was great nature.

I will be so happy
if I can draw such great nature.
When I see the beautiful nature,
I have always been thinking
how great it will be
if I can express my feeling
at the moment in drawing!
but now, I can do that a little.

It’s a long way to go,
but I believe better drawings
will come if I continue
to draw as long as my body can.

Your works for a place in different
seasons were impressive.

We wonder where you get inspired
by these works.

A5. @dorothy
A photographer uploaded a photograph
in fall on Band, I so loved it
and wanted to draw it.

So I was inspired by the tree
in it and completed
the whole drawing
with the feeling of fall.
Then he asked me to draw it
in other seasons too.

I never thought about it
that time but eventually got
to draw from the image of spring,
summer and winter as well.

Also, I supposed to have a display
in China last February
and started drawing spring-like
works for spring landscapes
in there.

We can’t tell all your works
have this woman,
However, a woman in red dress
is often found in your works.

We wonder who she is
and your intention from drawing her.

A6. @dorothy
The woman alone
in my drawings is always me.

I applied the photo
I directly took
when I visited the place named
‘Buljangsa’ in Gongju,
Chungnam for the drawing
on the right.
I was in the picture.

I don’t know why,
but I always draw myself
when I want to draw someone
after drawing a landscape.
I do not know by myself
but I guess it’s a certain
psychological effect.

We were able to see
many abstractions on your feed.
Do you have a specific reason
that you started abstractions?

Also, We want to know the meaning
that you are trying to express
in your works.

A7. @dorothy
I have never learned drawing
and how to draw abstractions.

The drawings above are my drawings
in spring which I guess I wanted
to express my feelings in spring
with beautiful colors.

The feelings when I draw these
drawings are ‘delight, hope,
pleasure, happiness, joy, dream,
wings, nature, beauty, great nature,
etc.’ in words.

I guess I expressed the excitement
makes me out of control.

We can see drawings with charms
both from the west and the east.

We want to know
how you drew these works.

Also, what is the attraction you
feel from these expressions?

A8. @dorothy
I guess I am so greedy.

Other artists have their own colors
in their drawings which I can
easily say who’s drawings they are.
But I want to draw various drawings
and maybe it’s because I'm a newbie.

I'd like to draw all drawings
such as the east, west, literary,
pen and ink, etc.

Everything has its own attractions.
Would drawing for a long time
make me draw in my own color,
wouldn’t it?

We were able to not only landscapes
but also animals, birds
or expression of objects.

What is the material you want
to draw the most in the future?

And please tell us your drawing
plans you have.

A9. @dorothy
My further plan is
because I am a lecturer,
I imagined myself lecturing right
after learning about ‘mobile art’.

I want to introduce ‘mobile art’
to people who wanted to draw
but could not start yet.

I suggested ‘Chungcheongnam-do
Lifetime Education Center’
for ‘mobile art’ lecture
in 2018 where I was lecturing
on computers, then I heard
it’s very popular with a lot
of applicants on the waiting list.

I am planning to lecture
‘mobile art’ for adolescents
and have one in Seoul as well.
I produced 54 pages of textbook
required in the lecture.
I want to write a good textbook
in this field by studying hard
and also build videos
if time is allowed.

Some people said imitating videos
on YouTube is difficult,
so I will try to make an easy video
for more people to try.

I wanted to draw my dog
since I have been living with her
for a long time.
She died, but I still put
her drawing on the blind by window.
I want to draw my other dogs
that died and further create
a fairytale with drawings.

‘Dorothy(圖路詩)’ is actually given
by my daughter with the wish
to freely fly between drawings
and writings.

We’re afraid but it’s our
last question.

Please tell us if you have
any compliments and suggestions
of improvement for PENUP
or anything you want to tell us.

A10. @dorothy
I was able to draw
and meet various friends
in the world because of PENUP.

It was such a great blessing for me.

I learned from the drawings
of my friends and wanted
to say I truly appreciate you.

There are no specific complaints
in using PENUP, but one thing
I want is uploading landscape
drawing is shown in a smaller size.
I will be so thankful if landscapes
can be viewed in full screen
as portraits.

I wish for PENUP’s day by day
development in the future
to become a great place
to communicate with many friends
in the world and to share happiness.

Thank you again PENUP.

How was the interview with @dorothy?

Various expressions and hidden
elements provide us such pleasure
to think about the intention
and meaning of the works.

Like the painter Paul Cezzane
said two different perspectives
on one drawing makes it more vivid.

All of you reading this,
Why don’t we think of various
perspectives while seeing someone’s
work or drawing your own?

We wish PENUP’s feeds will be filled
with more works and stories
to become a more energetic place.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team