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[Review] Challenge of Fabruary (2)

The second challenge topic
of February was ‘Liquid’.

It was such a surprising
and exciting time
to see differently expressed
artworks by many artists'
expressions and imaginations
like the liquid in different forms
by the shape of the bowl
to be held in with.

Thank you all for filling up
your challenge feed
with great artworks.

Now, why don’t we meet
the winners of this challenge?

Pink Beach / @Aly5150
A Little Faith for Friendship
/ @Dr.Gazi

Pink sandy beach
and blue sea met in place
and make white foams
in the landscape
at a beautiful beach.
Such beauty is made by clamps
and the sea as it exists
in some fantasies.
This pinky beach actually exists
in reality in the world
including Santa Cruz Island
from the Philippines.
It’s presented by @Aly5150.

A bird with a beautiful feather
on its head came on the palm
with a small glass of water on it.
It seems to understand humans want
to become friends with it
because It came instead
of getting sacred.
The beautiful scene
in the forest with bright light,
it’s presented by @Dr. Gazi.

The Tiny Witness Of The Vast Blue
/ @R.A.A
Liquid deep / @N.D.T

The sunlight scattered
on the surface is showering
into the sea, it fills up
the dark sea like the Milky Way
with light, then a whale shark
and its friends are following
a diver heading up the surface.
Meeting a whale shark is known
as a great luck among scuba divers.
This fantastic scene must be
the luck that is
the whale shark’s gift to the diver.
It’s presented by @R.A.A.

From the foams coming out
from her mouth, wavy
and dancing hair
and the green dress on her,
It seems she is sinking deep down
to the water.
From her closed eyes,
she must be in deep thoughts.
I guess the place she is sinking
to is a swamp of thoughts.
It’s presented by @N.D.T.

Fading Bubbles / @nightrianglian
(Untitled) / @GLAA

She is scattering in bubbles
and keeping fishes
in her bubbles safely.
Even if she disappears,
her warm heart to protect the fishes
and disappearing
sadness are felt by colors.
Fading her appearance recalls
the last scene
from the mermaid princess.
It’s presented by @nightrianglian.

A cute fish in water
in a PET is looking at somewhere
and spitting foams like talking.
The bottleneck seems too narrow
for the fish to get in,
how did the fish go in there?
Probably the answer is
in the place where
it is staring at.
It’s presented by @GLAA.

(Untitled) / @vlad
LiquidBodies - (Magma+Water)
/ @SamTaqvi

A big glass bottle
and glass filled
with red liquid is placed
and the fruits as possible materials
for them are next to them.
It's a drinkable beverage
from looking at the fruits.
However, the dark mood convinces
it is alcoholic.
What do you think?
It’s presented by @vlad.

A man made of water
and a woman made of magma
are turning their back
on each other while looking
at somewhere far.
Same liquid but different
temperature in these two matters.
It tells us they are
so much different.
It reminds me of the book title
’Between Calm and Passion’.
It’s presented by @SamTaqvi.

(Untitled) / @sooa
How about a cool coke? : D
/ @Pato.Cha

Poured orange juice
to a transparent glass and
added some ices
and mint for more freshness.
added up more orange slices
to keep the sweetness
and hung a grapefruit slice
and straw on the glass.
Just looking at it makes me
feel the sweetness and freshness
of the orange juice.
It’s presented by @sooa.

There are some choices
to refresh the thirst
in hot sunny days,
but as in this artwork,
a glass of coke filled
with ices and strong fizz
for your mouth
can’t be hated for sure.
The cold water drop
on the surface of the glass
brings its freshness to us.
It’s presented by @Pato.Cha.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of March,
‘Let’s draw Stationery’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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