2020-03-02. AM 09:08
[Notice] PENUP update Ver 3.5.0

Greetings, PENPLE’s!

We’d like to deliver the news
of updates for PENUP
at the beginning of March.

There are a lot of
newly added features
such as Dark Mode, Auto-Save
and Profile Report.

We are going to show you
around the newly added features
with PENUP update version 3.5. :)

First, PENUP supports Dark Mode now.

When you see pieces in PENUP
at late night,
were you suffering
from the bright screen?

Activating dark mode didn’t make
changes in PENUP so far.

However, now PENUP supports
dark mode.

Enabling dark mode on Galaxy Note
will work on PENUP as well.

Please enjoy PENUP comfortably
at late night with dark mode.

* This feature is supported
on Android 9.0 (Pie) OS
or later versions.

Second, we now support Auto-Save.

We are aware of the issue
that losing all drawings
when the app is closed due
to an error on the device.

Now PENUP saves your drawings

You can click save
to save the progress.
If the app is closed without saving,
it will ask you if you’d like to
continue drawing from your previous
save data.

*However, Auto-save only works
every five minutes.
If you closed the app
without saving your drawing,
the progress may be lost
in the above interval.

We support auto-save now
but the progress in five minutes
will be gone forever.
Please do not forget
to save your drawings time to time.

Third, we now support
Profile Image Report.

PENUP supports ‘Report’ feature
for any issues
incurred in drawings
of certain users.

However, there were no ways
to handle inappropriate
profile images.

Now, you can report
inappropriate profiles.

* Go to Profile -> Three dots
on the top right -> Report Profile

Only PENUP’s OPs have access
to see who reported
certain profiles.
However, please refrain
from unnecessary reports.

Reasons of report
in PENUP are as below:

- Nudity or pornography
- Attacks a group or individual
- Graphic violence
- Hateful images or speech
- Copyright/ trademark Violation
- Inappropriate for PENUP
- Spam messages and images

If unnecessary report remains,
the reporter may be disadvantaged.

However, if the reason
of report is clear,
please do not hesitate
but report it to us immediately.

We are going to do our best
for you to further enjoy
and communicate at PENUP
in a comfortable
and exciting environment.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team