2020-02-27. AM 03:32
[HOF] March 2020 @dorothy

Various painters including
the famous painter Claude Monet
or Paul Cezanne left same materials
or places in various pieces.

This is because they wanted
to express the momentary beauty
captured by the changes
of weather, season and light.

@dorothy has been selected
for the Hall of Fame in March
who captures a moment of nature
and expresses its beauty
in various methods.

We can meet various pieces
that we can feel how the changes
of nature are captured
in your eyes from your feed.

The moment in the seasons
in your pieces make us be able
to feel the vitality
of nature lively.

Also, there are many pieces
expressing your point of view
from such changes through
various colors and materials.

And this makes us be able
to enjoy imagining your intentions
and feelings when you draw
your pieces.

There are great captures
of the moments to feel the beauty
of nature in each piece.

The sensible and harmoniously
colored expressions give us
not only visual amusement
but also the mood like
it has good scents.

Visit @dorothy’s feed
and meet the beautiful
and lovely landscapes of nature.
You can feel new inspirations
from the variously expressed nature,

Also, please don’t forget
to leave a comment
of congratulations and greetings
and like her penbook.

Please look forward to the interview
with the artist coming soon.

Thank you.

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