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[Challenge] 2020. March : Let's draw Stationery

The history of mankind is also
known as the history of records.

To overcome not so long life,
many things were recorded
and the civilization of mankind
evolved from such actions.

The tools for recording
has been developed variously
and conveniently from the walls
of caves and clays and
woodblocks to papers,

from colored rocks,
peeled woods and reeds and feathers
to plastics and metals.

The topic of this challenge is
the tools being developed
with the history of mankind,

Let's draw / @raulyy
S pen flower power / @Elmoghira

The development in stationery
changed a lot of things
and also drawings were greatly

Especially, painters that
could travel far distances due
to the invention of trains,
had a big problem carrying paints
at the moment.

The resolution of the problem is
the development of stationery
such as folding easels and palettes
including tube paints.

Impressionist painter Renoir said
there wouldn’t be Monet,
Cezanne and Pisarro
without tube paints.

Stationery / @Alsable
Ink to Smart / @oystershelladel

Stationery has a long story
as its long history.

Common office equipment Post-it
or super glue are found
from the failure in creating
other matters.

From the consideration
for materials,
a ballpoint inspired
by children’s bead game
or correction fluid created
from the stress to rewrite
from the beginning of the typed
document were interesting stories
of stationery.

it would be great to introduce
any stories you know
about stationery in your drawings.

Feather Ink / @Tink
Fountain pen / @YashMore

Stylus, a writing instrument
with a sharp side and wide side
to draw and write on a wax memo pad
in ancient Greece.

The word stylus we use in writing
or drawing on a note
or tab is originated from here.

By looking at such, it gives
an idea that the stationery
we are currently using may be
different in shapes in the future
with the same name
and field for use.

What stationery do you like?
What will it look like
in the future?

Please draw the stationery
you enjoy using or want to use
to participate in this challenge.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from Mar. 1(Sun) to Mar. 15(Sun).

We look forward to
your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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