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[Review] Challenge of Fabruary (1)

The topic of the first challenge
in February
was the animal ‘bear’
that has various faces.

Teddy bears
and characters’ appearances
were like reading a happy fairytale
and it was a pleasant time
to meet various bears
in the world and gain new knowledge.

Thank you all participants.

Now, Why don’t we meet
the winners of this challenge?

Family / @Miss.Saario
Let's take care of them / @Abex

Baby bears with black hair
and a brown-haired big bear
appeared in the gap between rocks.
We don’t know why
their color is different,
however, we can see
they are one family by looking
at the brown bear trying
to protect baby bears.
Until the baby bears finish growing,
The brown bear will do
its best to protect the babies.
We are so curious about their story.
Its’ presented by @Miss.Saario.

A young polar bear is lying
on side and showing its back
on someone’s hand.
It hurts because the bear looks
so exhausted.
February 27 is the International
Polar Bear Day.
As the meaning that their lives
depend on our hands,
it wish this time
to think once about
environmental pollutions
and lives living together on earth.
Its’ presented by @Abex.

Bear Family!! / @Prashant
Bác gấu bông :◇: / @LinhElii

Bear is one of the animals that has
the strongest protective instinct
and mother’s instinctive love.
Hiding behind a skinny tree
that can bare hide its body
shows its cautiousness.
Mother bear looking for safety
in the surroundings
and cute baby bears completely
depending on her are impressive.
The baby bears seem to be safe
as long as the loving mother bear
is around.
It’s presented by @Prashant.

A bear on a graduation cap,
glasses and wings visited a girl.
Reading books in the forest full of
yellow flowers and sharing
its warm cozy hairy chest
when the girl gets sleepy.
I guess it’s in her dream here
by looking at the heart-shaped
sun’s smile.
It’s presented by @LinhElii.

Daddy bear / @Doodilight
Bear Family / @CAREU

It’s a serious looking bear.
The healthy hair being seen
in various colors by the sunlight
is expressed with details
and adds a reality.
The eyes looking away
from the far makes me curious
what it is seeing.
It’s presented by @Doodilight.

In heavy fog, I can see baby bears’
appearance from behind following
the mother bear side by side.
The black paws looking alike
to each other is showing
and they make me smile somehow.
It makes me wonder about
the destination of the mother
and two baby bears.
It’s presented by @CAREUS.

my “bf” / @yangfirstwin323
LOVE of bear #repost / @wanime

On the girl’s shoulder
who dressed up and came out,
her best friend baby bear is
with her.
She looks happy and I guess
it’s because of her friend
with her now.
It makes me want
to have a cute tiny bear as hers.
It’s presented by @yangfirstwin323.

Mother and baby bear look
so cute in this piece.
They feel hot as they get sweaty
but the mother hugs
the baby bear tight.
The warm pool of light may
be the pleasure of the mother bear
hugging her baby bear.
The love of mother for her child,
it’s presented by @wanime.

Bear in bear costume /@Erkan-Beyatli
Is it spring yet? / @santate

A black bear shows itself
in a polar bear suit.
Polars bears are evolved brown bears
for the environment
in the North Pole
and actually hiding black skin
under their white hair.
White hair works as protective color
in the snowy North Pole
and black skin absorbs
sunlight well.
It guess it was going
to have a sunbath after checking
safety by taking its clothes off.
Funny expression of the characters
of polar bears.
It’s presented by @Erkan-Beyatli.

In deep forest,
a baby bear is lying in a cave.
The surroundings are covered
by white snow and it still
looks like winter.
It’s eyes are still open.
Is spring coming?
I don’t see the mother bear around,
maybe the baby bear opened its eyes
shortly because its mother
is not around.
It’s presented by @santate.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The second challenge of February,
‘Let’s draw Liquid’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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