2020-02-13. AM 02:12
[Challenge] 2020. February : Let's draw Liquid

We drink water
to relieve our thirst
and fill up the gas
to move our cars.

We pour sauce
to enjoy our food better
and apply lotion
to protect our skin.

If we think about it,
we are using countless
liquids in our lives.

So, the matter sharing
our daily lives together,
‘Liquid’ is the topic
of this challenge.

Whiskey / @usk_keesunge
sky drop / @nipalash86

Have you made the water
or sauce just slopping
even if you tried to move it
but poured it too much
by a mistake?

This is called surface tension,
that liquid tries to minimize
the surface and it makes it not
to overflow over the limit of
the container.

Soap or detergent
use this force and also
insects such as a water strider
uses this force to walk
on the water.

You are...the rainbow! / @aristina.z
Deep Blue / @crush

How does it feel to
be breathable in liquids?

a mixture called perfluorodecalin
is breathable in it because it
can have oxygen like air.

I heard that there was a case
saved a premature newborn baby
with failure in lung functions
by putting him in this liquid.

Also, magnetic was successfully
made in liquids which was considered
impossible in real life.

So, in the near future,
we may see the liquids
that are only existing in movies
and cartoons like a dream.

Liquid sim / @RoBear
Liquid Art / @Tonda

If you imagine a black liquid,
it could be coffee, coke or
a completely different thing
such as oil or paint.

It could be water
or chemical based on
what bottle it is in for the shape.

The reason why we can have
a lot of thoughts
on one liquid is maybe because
liquid doesn’t have a fixed form
and we can use all our imagination.

What is the liquid in your head now?

Draw liquids in imagination
and reality and introduce them
through challenge feed!

This challenge will be
proceeded for 14 days
From Feb. 16(Sun) to Feb. 29(Sat).
We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team