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[Review] Challenge of January (2)

By looking at many different designs
of hats in challenge feed,
we were able to find the history
and related stories with them
as well as interesting facts.

We were able to enjoy finding
different attractions
by looking the same designs of hats
with different expressions
by different perspectives.

Thank you all for participating
in this challenge.

Now, why don’t we go to meet
the winners of this challenge?

Straw Hat / @BlackKat77
A Day at the Beach / @extrawafflez

A straw hat went on a vacation.
Flying for some time
by following a pink ribbon
blown by wind,
it decided to take a break
on a tree that looks exhausted
by heat in a quiet forest.
It blocked the hot sunlight
in the day and became a playground
for birds that will come back
to a house with a blue roof
in the evening.
Strong wind blows again.
Where are we going this time?
It’s presented by @BlackKat77.

Today is the day she has been
waiting over the year.
She wouldn’t deny as someone says
that she has been working hard
for today.
White waves, wide sandy beaches
and the burning sun on above them.
The wide sea connected to the end
of the sky she has desired lies
before her eyes.
Put the hat she prepared
for today on and took a picture
with the sea in the background.
Everything is ready.
Hold on the hat not to be blown
by wind and enjoy running.
It’s presented by @extrawafflez.

Magic / @azu
Vienesse Skull~ / @CiL

The magician’s performance is
a hat trick.
He patted the hat
because he always failed
this magic before.
He gained confidence
with the good feeling today
and called a rabbit.
But a fish came out
instead of the rabbit.
Audiences gave a shout
of joy for rare magic
and the surprised magician
patted the hat again,
Then a cat came out again
who followed the smell of the fish
instead of the rabbit.
He seemed to fail his magic
but succeeded the half
by the reaction
of the audiences.
It’s presented by @azu.

On a dark night
where even the moonlight is hidden,
someone was standing
on the way back home.
His black hat with feather
and dark clothes got me sacred,
so I tried to pass him quickly,
but he got my eyes.
He was wearing a skull mask
on pale face under the shadow
of the hat and I stopped walking
at the place like I was frozen
by the cold face and eyes.
I couldn't speak
because even my mouth was frozen,
He stared at me for a long time,
shaked his head and disappeared.
Who was the guy I met?
It’s presented by @CiL.

il testimone di una tragedia /@totos
Fedora Hat!! / @Prashant

No one finds the orange hat
by itself at breakwater.
It has been there for a long time
so I tried to look at it.
It is a beautiful hat
but a side is broken.
Who was the suspect
made it this way?
The strongly blowing wind?
A seagull stole it?
or maybe it’s broken
and thrown here.
Only the hat can tell us
the misery in this place.
It’s presented by @totos.

Fedoras were women’s wear at first.
An actress for princess Fedora
who was a protagonist
of a play wore it.
then it got very popular
among women.
Then men who were attracted
by this design after started
wearing it and it became
a byword for men like
in this artwork.
Like the freshness of soda
with confident posture
and smile popped out
from the bottle,
it’s presented by @Prashant.

Yesterday it rained / @pokapoka
Cavalier in a hat / @Elena_academy

I came out on my favorite hat
with a red ribbon.
However, the pleasure
from the blue sky hasn’t lasted
for long,
I tried to walk back home
because of the sky turned in gray,
but it poured out rain
as it was saying too late.
I tried to avoid the rain
under the trees
but got soacked already.
I dropped and covered my face
with a hat from people's eyes
full of pity.
The way back home is a long way
but the rain doesn’t seem to stop.
What should I do?
It’s presented by @pokapoka.

I found a portrait of someone
from the garage in the house..
Her dignified face,
luxury cloth with needle work
and gold-looking earrings
were attractive.
However, the luxury purple hat
as only being used
in imperial family
and the eye-shaped jewelry
and long plume catches my eyes.
I guess the woman in this painting
is a very powerful one.
By searching the garage,
it might tell us who she really is.
It’s presented by @Elena_academy.

Let's draw Beanie / @Ryusae
Rest In Peace / @_yueya

Walking along the street,
sat on the bench to take some break
in front of the station,
I got her in my eyes.
A beautiful long wave-haired woman
in a red beanie and big coat.
However, the thing made her
more interesting than her look
was herself looking at the clock
with her sigh.
The weather is cold
but she seems to be torn by anxiety
and drinks her cold beverage
that explains someone
maybe getting late.
By looking at the cold eyes,
the later comer would be
in trouble this time.
It’s presented by @Ryusae.

A beautifully smiling girl
wore a hat with a beautiful rose.
It feels awkward to wear it
with no hair on
but she seems so happy
with the design but it’s sad..
This painting looks swank
with a heart-breaking story in it,
and with the sorrow in it,
it numbs a side of my heart.
I hope you and everyone around you
will stay healthy and happy.
Lastly, I must tell her
who was loved by God.
Rest In Peace.
It’s presented by @_yueya_.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The first challenge of February,
‘Let’s draw Bear’is on going.
We hope for your active

Thank you.

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