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[HOF] February 2020 @edsilva

John Constable,
a British painter who is called
a person that established
a higher position of landscapes
in the history of arts.

He earned his fame
from his drawing style
that was very average
and actual landscape in nature.

There are many reasons
why he was loved,
but it was his landscape
that made people remember
their hometowns who were traveling
in other parts of the country due
to wars and industrial revolution.

The artist who was selected
for Hall of Fame in this February
also shows nature
and people’s life within
to recall our hometowns
from our minds.
It’s presented by @edsilva.

If most adults talk
about their hometowns,
they often imagine an old house
surrounded by nature,
but not a city.

Not only an asphalted road
but also a dirt road,
old houses and people’s life living
with nature within its comfortable
arouses and warm feelings to us.

The reason why
this artist’s pieces are catchy.
Probably because its nature’s scenes
shows the feeling
of hometown are blended well
in his pieces.

various drawing techniques
used in his pieces are interesting
factors as well.

The unique texture
And his pieces created
by various expression techniques
make us think the intention
of the work while with the pleasure
to enjoy it.

Drop by @edsilva’s feed
and see his works
with various attractions.

Please don’t forget to congratulate
and give the artist ‘like’.

Please look forward to
the interview to be conducted
with the artist soon.

Thank you.

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