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[Challenge] 2020. February : Let's draw Bear

There were different names
to call animals instead
of their real names
in ancient Europe.

They were terrors.
People got scared to call them
by their real names.
So, they called them a creature
of brown as its color.

After many years,
its real name was forgotten
and the name they used
to call it to avoid it replaced
its name.

The topic of first challenge
in February is the brown creature
with its forgotten name,

Teddy Bear With Leaves /@Denmark_Owl
Bear /@Egorio161

It was a terror as well as fetish.
So, there were a lot of
legends related to bears.
Among them,
there is an interesting story of
a bear in the first Korean nation
‘Gojoseon’s founding story.

A bear and tiger
that wanted to become human
stayed 100 days while eating
only a mugwort and a garlic
by the advice of God.

However, the tiger failed
to fulfill the time and ran away
and the bear stayed 100 days alone
and became a human.

Then the bear married God
and gave birth to a son,
and the son grew up
to found a nation and become a king.

Do you know any legends
and interesting stories about bears?
It would be great to introduce
the interesting stories you know
with your drawings.

Jungle bear warrior /@Anim
Bear /@AlexManz

If you read Aesop’s fables,
there is a story that a man
climbed up a tree or played dead
when he encountered a bear.

But when you meet a bear
in the wild, the coping method
should be different.

Bears can climb up
the tree very well and clean up
harmful things to them
with their cleverness.

Bears are being drawn
as cute and lovely ones
through many multimedia.

However, bear was the king
of animals in the past
and they still have another name
the tyrant of forest which means
that they don’t have
natural enemies.

What is your thought of bears?
It would be great to draw an image
when you think about them
and compare it from the real ones.

bear in the woods /@chihiro.
Baron Von Bear in his office /@jerzy

We sometimes hear news
that a bear came down
to human residence
and harmed the people.

In its background,
human’s mistake contributes
to it greatly.

They have less place to live
or less prey due to development
and the hungry ones came down
to human residences without a choice
but to find the prey.

While drawing a bear
in this challenge,
thinking about the life that bears
and humans are encountering
will be great.

If we know the reality
and change our perception,
little by little,
won’t the happy time of everyone
on the planet come true?

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from Feb. 1(Sat) to Feb. 15(Sat).

We look forward to
your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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