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[Review] Challenge of January (1)

Are you doing all the things
you have promised while watching
the first sunrise this year?

The theme of the first challenge
of 2020 was “Sunrise,”
a landscape that marks
the beginning of the year.

Thanks to the PENPLE's
for the many sunrise scenes
filled with enthusiasm and vitality.
It gave us a lot of energy
and ability to run without
exhausting this year.

Thank you to everyone
who filled the challenge feed
with beautiful scenery.
Now, shall we go meet
the winners of this challenge?

City Sunrise / @missdarrian
sunrise / @Rachellika

When the red sun rises
between the tall buildings
to wake up the quite night
of the city, people wake up
and come out to street
and start the day.
What are the things waiting
for us today?
I wish everyone a safe
and happy day today.
The picture, which seems
to give the message,
“Cheer up!” is by @missdarrian.

Climbed a high hill to see
the early morning sunrise,
but it’s a bit late,
it seems like sun is already rising.
At the moment of sighing in regret,
the trees on the hill, beautifully
colored in sunlight,
catch attention.
Forgetting the first purpose
of watching the sunrise,
staring at the tree for a while.
It seems like the effort
to watch the sunrise is not in vain.
This is done by @Rachelika.

one more day / @waskenkaralian
Dreaming / @Dolfo

The two of them traveled
to a secluded hotel
after a late night’s hard work.
Contrary to expectation,
the two were very disappointed
and decided to leave in the morning.
They woke up early to leave.
And before the departure,
they went out to the terrace
and saw the beautiful view
of the rising sun
that caught their eyes.
Maybe they are going
to stay at this hotel today.
This is done by @waskenkaralian.

In the early dawn, the painter,
who was troubled by not drawing,
climbed on a high hill outside
the city to appease his frustration.
Far away, the night haze
and the sun reveal itself,
seized by the light
and the beauty of the city,
and sit down unknowingly,
containing all the scenery
in one’s eyes and heart.
I’m looking forward to
the work of the artist
who is sitting on the hill.
This is done by @Dolfo.

SunRise Again 2020 / @yisky
Flup / @Kikoro

On the first day of the New Year,
when the sun colors the sky
and the sea, we gather our hands
together and make our wish.
Wish everyone the best this year
and hope all the people
around us are healthy and happy.
The picture of a warm
and beautiful sunrise
with hope is the work of @yisky.

On the last day of the year,
you’re invited to
a sea sailing boat.
Are you a bit disappointed
with its normal appearance?
But you will be surprised
from now on.
We’re heading for the sea
in a boat hanging
from a big hot air balloon.
Standing at the end of the deck
to watch New Year’s sun rises
will be unforgettable.
Now it’s time to get on the boat.
Shall we go together?
This is done by @Kikoro.

동해안 울진 일출 SUNRISE / @jinhee
thank you for all
my penup friends ♡♡♡ / @-Dandelion-

Early in the morning,
when the boat is ready to leave,
a red sun appears on the horizon
between the lighthouse.
Guided by the light of a long
red path on the water,
a fishing boat that dreams
to return with a full load of fish,
is sails towards the far sea.
The famous sunrise spot in Korea,
Uljin is the work of @jinhee.

When everyone comes together
on a beautiful yacht,
an exciting party begins on the sea.
At the end of the fun boat party
leading up to dawn,
the ship sailing out of the dark sea
stopped for a while.
Lowered the sail and stopped
the engine to wait for something.
It was waiting for the sun
that shine dark night.
I hope it’s a picture
that will bring happiness
to everyone who partied together.
This is done by @-Dandelion-

(Untitled) / @Barbra
blue sun / @S0ftga0t

Came by the lake
to see the sunrise of the New Year.
The lake is frozen
and the frost is set in the bushes,
which makes it feel cold.
However, when the sun reaches
over the water at the end
of the lake, the lake will shine
and shine brightly, makes it
more beautiful than ever.
Now the sun rises,
need to go to the end
of the bridge and hope
for this year’s wish.
This is done by @Barbra.

On a dark night,
a wave hits the rock,
but the rock is standing
in the face of a violent attack
and looking at the sky faraway.
In the time of hardship,
when the sun rises
and color the cold blue sea
with warm scarlet,
greeted by the sunrise as
if one was to repay the troubles
of the night.
I hope that everyone will be
prepared to make up one’s mind
like a solid rock that overcome
the waves this year.
This is done by @S0ftga0t.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The second challenge of January,
‘Let’s draw Hat’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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