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[Challenge] 2020. January : Let's draw Hat

When do you wear a hat?

When the weather is cold or hot,
we wear it for protection
or for fashion.

We also wear it as a tool
to hide our messy hair
when we go out near the house.

In the past, they say it was a mean
to show one’s status and position.

The one used in various
purposes on people’s head,
‘Hat’ is the theme
of this challenge.

Simple "Chair" with Love ♡
/ @Zilbertojunior
할아버지 / @Wizard

If you don’t wear a hat,
it felt like people don’t wear
their shoes at a time.
There are interesting expressions
created from hats.

Hat trick that means the top player
scoring three goals in a game
was originated from the story
that giving a hat as a gift for
a pitcher who strikes out
three hitters in the national flag
of English, cricket.

Also ‘at the drop of a hat’ with
the meaning ‘immediately’ was
originated from the practice to
announce the start of the gun duel
by dropping a hat in
western frontier era of the US.

Wizard / @dongdongkim
woolen hat / @yun

Various shapes of hats
exist as the interesting
and various expressions.

The traditional hat of Korea, ‘got’,
Saudiarabian males’ ‘keffiyeh’,
Sombrero of Mexico with a wide peak
and fancy decoration,
Vietnamese hat 'non',
Russian wooly hat ‘Shafka’
and there are various shapes
of hats in the world.

Do you know any unique hat?
Please introduce it
to everyone by your drawing.

Imagining yoursevles wearing
those hats from different
countries and expressing
them in drawing would be great.

hot yet beautiful / @opit
sparkling with lace ■□●○ / @z.m.s

The hats developed from
the characters of the various places
in the world has the meaning
for tradition but also the meaning
for people.

Hats are known as good tools
for health in particular.
30% or more body temperature and
sweat is released from our head.

If you wear a hat, it prevents
the temperature being released to
outside and increase your body
temperature in two to three degrees.

Also, it has good effects
to block the sunlight and UVs
and keep you moisturized.

PENPL's, it will be helpful
if you wear your hats to keep
you healthy when you go out on
a cold day or hot and sunny day. :)

This challenge will be
proceeded for 16 days
From Jan. 1(Thu) to Jan. 31(Fri).
We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team