2020-01-13. AM 06:35
[Notice] PENUP PC Version Open

Greetings, PENPLE's!

Many people have told me that
they want to meet with PENUP
through non-mobile environment.

Along with the launch
of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex,
PENUP’s Windows App Version
was released.

Now you can easily meet with PENUP
not only on smartphones
with Android OS, but also,
on Windows based laptops.

PENUP’s Windows App Version
is available for download via
the Microsoft Store on
Samsung laptops with
WINDOWS 10 OS version 1809+
screen touch.

* You can check the OS version
by pressing Windows key +R
and typing ‘winver’
in the Run Window.

* However, the ‘Windows App’ version
of PENUP is only supported
for Samsung laptops that can
‘touch the screen’.
Please take note of this
for your reference.

The coloring that many people use
is now available through
PENUP’s ‘Windows App Version’.

It would be nice to have fun on PC
through coloring.

Not all mobile features are
currently implemented in
the ‘Windows App Version’.

But other features will be updated
in the future.

PENUP operation team will keep
trying to communicate with users
for their convenience.

Please keep up with us
and thank you for your support.:)

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team