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[Review] Challenge of December (2)

Many penple participated
in the last challenge of 2019
and its topic was a tiny snowy world
‘Snow globe’ on my hand.

The feed filled with so many
pieces of full of precious stories
and it was a happy time to enjoy
watching and imagining together.
Thank you for all your

Now, shall we meet the winners
of this challenge together?

Orenji's Snow Globe / @Orenjineko
Angels / @cutejueun

A cat wearing a red woolen hat
and scarf sits and hoorays while
enjoying the winter on
the soft snow like cottons.
The big smile shows how happy she is.
What kind of smile will she show us
if we shake it a bit and
the white snow flutters?
A snow globe with an impressively
cute cat character,
It is presented by @Orenjineko.

When the snow colors all
over the world in white,
excited kids will run to
the outside of their houses with
gloves and thick clothes on.
They team up to do a snowfight
to each other or build
a giant snowman altogether.
Like a snowy landscape that
can’t be seen after the winter,
I just wish to keep such angelic and
innocent childhood memories that we
can’t see anymore once we grow up.
It is presented by @cutejueun.

Castle in snow globe / @swinokio
(Untitled) / @Diana

I put the beautiful castle
that I want to be with you in
a snow globe.
It’s a fancy castle with
red roofs built with violet bricks
of your favorite.
It would be happy to be
with you in any season,
however, when the cold winter comes,
I want to climb up the highest spire
and wait for the first snow.
If I see the first snow
in the highest place in
the sky with you,
It will make mel be
the happiest person in the world.
It’s presented by @swinokio.

I want to build a house with wood
to live in a beautiful forest.
Decorating beautiful bulbs
on the tree next to
the house in winter,
making a fire in a stove
and enjoying hot tea
and the landscape outside from
the window, it would be so happy.
The tiny wood house in a forest
at a snowy night that makes me
want to visit once in my life,
it’s presented by @Diana.

Universe Snow Globe / @Sugan

What do you want to
put in a snow globe when
you can put anything?
The space is in the snow globe
in front of your eyes.
Colorful lights of the planets
with beautiful lights shine
with shining rings,
the Milky Way with starrily
beautiful stars,
the fantastic mood would
bring us in it.
The piece that stimulates our
imaginations that our world might
be just one’s snow globe at watch.
It’s presented by @Sugan.

When the Christmas was coming,
Santa Claus got worried a lot.
What gift should be sent to
a child who loves paintings?
What gift will make him happy?
The difficult worries lasted from
the morning to the last night
until the moon rises.
Finally, it looks like he got the answer.
Santa Claus with a bright smile
and impressive trademark of
PENUP in a snow globe.
It’s presented by @z3dmax.

merry Christmas / @Alex
Snow Globe on Desk / @feltboy

In the snow globe carefully
embraced by a girl,
there are people skating on
ice regardless of the cold
snowy weather.
The landscape might be the clear
memory of the happy memory
in her heart.
She seems to be smiling behind
the globe with the memory.
It’s presented by @Alex.

Taking a break is not only important
to humans but also machines.
A busy person left the place
for awhile, it’s finally their
break time.
Monitor and cell phone fell asleep
right away with a happy smile.
The teacup with warm tea inside
and snowmen in the snow globe,
they are all smiling at them.
It’s presented by @feltboy.

Lost In Snow / @James_Maynard
Albino v.2 / @i.mary

He was born as a snowman but hasn’t
seen snow in real life.
So he rolled a snow globe to
came out to the world outside
from the window to see the snow once
in my life.
He rolled to see the snow
and when he was about to reach
the deep forest, the grump sky
sprinkled snow.
The happy snowman whose
wish came true now is smiling.
It’s presented by @James_Maynard

They said white crow means
luck unlike black crow.
It seems to be saying misfortune is
under its feet on the symbol of it,
it feels so mysterious
from its shining beak.
We wish all luck to our penple
with misfortune disappeared
in the new year.
The snow seems blessing everyone
in a snow globe,
It’s presented by@i.mary.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of January 2020,
‘Let’s draw Sunrise’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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