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[HOF] January 2020 @Mishelangello

What do you think about colors?

An abstract painter and pioneer in
abstract painting Wassily Kandinsky
talked about colors like this.

“Colors directly affect souls.
Colors are keyboards, eyes are
hammers and souls are like the piano
with lots of strings.
An artist is a conscious hand
playing this and that key to vibrate
the souls.”

The first artist of the year to be
in the is @Mishelangello
who vibrates our sensibilities with
the works contain beautiful colors.

The artist’s works are full
of various colors.
From the landscapes to
flower bottles and flowers,
there are full of catching
colors in so many works.

We can see what is expressed at
a glance and feel the beauty of
harmony in colors even if
the landscapes and objects aren’t
clearly expressed.

And it gives us an idea that
it’s like a breathing work from
the expression of various colors
with the shadow of a tree,
forest or the reflection of
the water by the sun.

Of course it’s the attraction of
the artist that the contracting
feelings are felt in one piece.

It feels rough from the nature
and objects colored with the feeling
of the texture of the brush,
however, we can feel the sensible
expression in the various lights.

The place under the sun is expressed
warm and the shaded place is
expressed cold in temperature while
in one sensible landscape.

Now visit @Mishelangello’s feed
and meet attracting works
with beautiful colors.

Please don’t forget to like him
feed with greetings.

Please look forward to
the interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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