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[Challenge] 2020. January : Let's draw Sunrise

Greetings, PENPLE's!

A new day in 2020 has began.

The sun rises and falls day by day.
But if there is a special day in
this repeated daily routine,
it would be the first sunrise
in a new year.

What did you think while looking
at the first sunrise of a new year?

The first theme of the challenge
in 2020 is a landscape begins
the day and means the start of
a new year ’Sunrise’.

random sunrise/ @ian
City Pass New York ♡•♡ / @Tunisienne

The first city we can officially see
the first sunrise in the world
is Gisborne, New Zealand where
it is located right in front of
the date line.
On this day, many people
come to visit and have festivals
from all over the world.

There is the earliest sunrise,
then there is the latest!
Tromsø, a city in the northern
part of Norway,
polar nights where there is
no sunrise start from late December
and the sun is able to seen only
20 minutes around January 22.
They say the first sun of
the new year will be only seen
by March at the North Poles.

Lovely sunrise this morning, 27F.
/ @AntoineKhanji
mountain sunrise / @PiCatsso

Sunrise is a landscape we can
feel the greatness of nature.

Bright lights color the dark sky
like spreading paints then
the sun rises.

Regardless of seas,
mountains and cities.
The special scene completed
by getting colored
with the unique color,
it is connected with the word
at the beginning of the day
and it makes it newer.

How was your first sunrise?
Recall who you were with,
where you at and the feeling of the
moment at that time would be great.

Sunrise / @pyj
Sunrise / @Dr.Vivek

Many people make their new year’s
resolution and wishes while looking
at the sunrise of the new year.

What do you wish for
the new year, PENPLE's?
Do you have a resolution
or wish for the new year?

If you put your goals and
wishes in the sunrise to draw
and spend this year while looking
at them once in a while,
the goals and wishes forgotten
by busy days will rise again
and become new energy for you.

This challenge will be
proceeded for 15 days
From Jan. 1(Wed) to Jan. 15(Wed).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team