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[Review] Challenge of December (1)

‘Fantasy’, where the mystery world
and creatures live alive,
it was the theme of
the challenge this time.

The works with various stories
seemed exploring the world
that we’ve never seen.

The mystery stories hidden in
everyone’s mind were spread
and shared via feed then it was
a great time to let our imagination
run wild with the new stories
we haven’t met.

Thank you to all who participated
in the challenge.
Shall we go and meet
the winners of the challenge?

Medusa / @tosi73
Fairy descending to bathe / @Nokhong

Medusa from Greek mythology,
became a monster by
the curse of the goddess Athena.
Her hair became snakes show their
scary fangs and threatens
to people approach her.
Don’t look in her eyes please.
You might turn to stone.
But it makes us want to
see her all the more.
It’s presented by @tosi73.

A Taiost fairy who wears
a celestial robe,
rides rainbow clouds and
flies up in the sky is a scene from
Korean traditional fairytale
‘The Fairy and Lumberjack’.
The lumberjack hid
the celestial robe and got to
marry the fairy with
the support of a dear who
he saved from the hunters,
but he ignored the warning
not to give back the robe.
I guess the dear on
the mountain still feel bad
about the lumberjack.
It’s presented by @Nokhong.

A wolf reading a book / @Pato.Cha
Féerie / @Doodilight

There is a time you wish
someone would read a book for you.
It’s so happy to imagine the world
and fall asleep while closing
your eyes with the nice voice
you hear.
The one who will read the book
for you is a big wolf with
nice fur and big eyes.
If you see his warm smile
on his face, you can feel that
it would read a book with
a nice voice until you fall asleep
while in the world of the story.
It’s presented by @Pato.Cha.

A fairy was derived by the word
destiny and spell from Latin words.
They say it loves the serenity
and moonlit night, songs and music,
horse riding and tricking humans.
However, the bird got her this time
by taking her hair as its nest
with her tied hair in a coronet
with flowers and maple leaves.
Other fairies curious about her
appearance are coming to her.
An impressive fairy who doesn’t
hate the joke with a gentle smile.
It’s presented by @Doodilight.

knight, castle, dragon / @David-E
191208 / @chatchat

The giant green dragon
invaded the castle and
the knight coming out
on a horse seem like
a scene from a legend.
Dragons are famous imaginary animals
in fantasy literature.
Many paleontologists think that
dragons are created by
the relation to the dinosaur fossils
found from the people
from the long past.
Where do you think they come from?
It’s presented by @David-E.

The dragon of clouds scooches
the fear by spreading its wings
and the brave knight in
red cloak oppose it.
I can feel the grim resolution
of the two before a battle.
Why are the dragon and knight
Who is going to be
the winner of this battle?
It makes us so curious about
the hidden stories behind.
It’s presented by @chatchat.

천사 / @Ryangrang

An angel with white wings
came down by following
the sunlight in the blue sky.
I can’t tell the reason why I feel
dazzling if it’s the beauty
of the angle or the light.
They say everyone has
a guardian angel who
protects him or her.
They say the guardian angel
delivers your earnest wishes to god.
If you can directly see
your guardian angel,
I wish she would have
the appearance in this work.
It’s presented by @Ryangrang.

A young boy got scared if he would
be scolded by his wrong actions
and hid behind the tree outside
the house but fell asleep.
In his dream, the scary tree
floated a ship and came up to
the clouds above the sky.
It whispers the boy with
a scary voice he can’t go down
before he reflects on himself
then the boy hugged his legs
and started crying.
Don’t worry, your parents
are looking for you.
You will be forgiven
and get back home once
you wake up from your dream.
It’s presented by @FREDERICKDC.

Mushroom King / @Zaba
Home Among the Stars 2.0 / @Ria

They appeared in a dark hill without
the sun in the deepest forest
surrounded by giant trees.
A small genius mushroom,
a brave and wild soldier mushroom
and the king mushroom that
rule the mushrooms.
He looks down at his mushrooms
on the hill and shows his great
dignity today as well.
Please look around the surroundings
if you got in the deep forest.
You might find
the kingdom of mushrooms.
It’s presented by @Zaba.

If there is a small planet
in the far space,
I wish to build a house on it.
Then I’d love to plant a tree
where flowers bloom and fruits grow.
When the dark night comes in and
the light is on in my small house,
would the small stars group
and visit here to dance?
It will be great if the clouds
surrounding the small planet
receive the light of the far stars
and make a mystery lighting.
In childhood, it reminds
my B-612 asteroid that
I imagined from the book.
It’s presented by @Ria.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The second challenge of December,
‘Let’s draw Snow globe’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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