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[Challenge]2019.December: Let's draw Snow globe

Even if the sky turned grey,
if there is time to wait,
maybe it is snowing day.

Looking at the street turning
white with snow and staring at
the beautiful scene gets us lost.
But also quickly melted snow
make us sad.

Is it because we miss the beauty
of the short moment?
Or is it because we wish to
put it aside to see?

The topic of the second challenge
of December for the decorate
the end of 2019 is ’Snow globe’,
the small world Created by
the desire to see the snowy

snow globe / @TheJoker
snow globe / @Erfan

The exact origin of
the snow glove is unknown.
But it was said that it was
used as a paperweight,
a tool to hold papers away.

It was introduced at
the expo in Paris,
then spread all over Europe.
Also, it became a hit in
the United States.

Especially, in the opening of
the work of ‘Citizen Kane’,
one of the best masterpieces of the
20th century, it appeared as a prop
That shows the heart of the hero
who misses childhood.

I wonder what was your
first snow globe looked like.

Globe / @scottiasnow
Snow Globe / @Garlea

Snow globes are great souvenir
for tourist and collectibles.

There are many kinds of
snow globes include world famous
landmarks, mascot characters
from amusement parks,
and some of them are designed
to promote a famous shop.

When you visit somewhere,
you will find a snow globe to sell,
and you’ll want to have it for
the remembrance and memory.

If you have a snow globe,
why don’t you draw it
and introduce it to everyone?

Or maybe you want to
draw a snow globe decorated
with places you want to visit
or your favorite characters.

Christmas Snow Ball ❄ / @Shine
A Lovely Cage / @aznlover220

Wondering how it is made,
but surprisingly, it is not as
difficult as it sounds.

To make snow globe, you need
a transparent bottle
with a large lid, a tool to
fix the ornaments,
and decorations to put in.
Also need ornaments that act
as snow and glycerin with water
to fill the inside.

Because it has more glycerin
than water, the substances will
slowly fall down as snow.

What memory do you want
to put inside of snow globe?

As if you are making a snow globe,
how about drawing a picture of
your memories for the challenge?

Once your works fill up your feed,
it would be such a surprising
and happy challenge like seeing
a decoration cabinet filled with
a lot of snow globes.

This challenge will be
proceeded for 16 days
From Dec. 16(Mon) to Dec. 31(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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