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[Review] Challenge of Nobember (2)

The theme of this challenge
was the ‘Chair’ living closely
around us.

By looking at the artworks with
drawings of chairs that
become a shelter to one
and a workplace for another,
It was a time to remind what
we have around us and what
we forget because they are
too familiar.

In busy days, while leaning
comfortably on a chair and
relaxing a bit with these
artworks to appreciate everyone
filling up his and her feed,
now, why don’t we meet
the winners of this challenge?

(Untitled) / @vlad
messy chair / @sim

It’s a day with warm wind
and sun on the window.
Fishes at a side of
a dark living loom should
bathe in the sun today.
It doesn’t seem enough
by just putting the fishbowl
on the floor,
so the beloved chair
is brought onto it.
We hope the fishes enjoy
the warmth comfortably today.
It’s presented by @vald.
If you realized you overslept
when you open your eyes
and saw the clock,
you should feel rushing.
While preparing hastily
and throwing out,
pajamas and towers
in the wrong place.
Today the place must be the chair.
We wish the overslept one won’t
get late and safely arrive in time.
It’s presented by @sim.

On the island of peace ♡/ @N.D.T
Queen of passion by nikolass
/ @nikolass83

If we tell a way to spend
our holiday,
we need a window with a nice bright
lighting and our favorite chair.
Of course it’s good to bathe
in the sun on the chair,
but you can open a book you haven’t
read because you were too busy.
The rustle of paper and beautiful
sentences will fill your mind.
Why don’t we read a book
in the upcoming holiday?
It’s presented by @N.D.T.

On the confident appearance of
the queen from crossing her legs,
It shows confidence and nobleness.
The chair contains the blazing out
fire meets the aura of the queen
in harmony and make the energetic
and passionate mood become hot.
The queen’s appearance
makes the meaning of
the chair as prestige.
It’s presented by @nikolass83.

stool stretch / @eintel
warm、chair、christmas! / @sunlight

If you get your knees together
and sit on a chair for a long time,
you feel so stiff.
In this case, take a break
and stretch your body.
Get your knees together on the chair,
stretch your back then your hands
and shoulders. Of course,
don’t forget your waist and neck.
When you feel languid,
take your time and stretch your body
like the woman in the work.
You will spend your day
It’s presented by @eintel.

Cold days, clouds are crushing up
and pouring white snow.
In a warm room, sitting on
a comfortable chair covering
your whole body, enjoy the tea time.
your mind feels relaxed with
the sweet cookies and fragrant tee,
then the warmth from the chair
makes you just smile.
Would it be just a delusion
from the jealousy of the bird
outside the window?
It’s presented by @sunlight.

The long seat! / @TitusCrow
Chair / @FETE

Up on the hill,
at the deepest place of
the old castle nobody seeks anymore,
he barely sat on the throne
after a long battle
but could not wake up again
by falling asleep on
the chair of a long time.
It makes us wonder
his past from his look staring up
in the far sky like he is thinking
of his memory.
It’s presented by @TitusCrow.

The moon rises and the flowers
under the moonlight shines softly
and sat on the chair.
There must be no worries
in a dark and scary night
if you are just here.
Full of cold colors
but feels the warmth is not
just the the pastel feeling I guess.
It’s presented by @FETE.

King Rabbit and his tree throne
/ @ShaneGill
The big Chair / @nuni

A dark night arrives,
the king of rabbits sits on
the wooden throne with a crown
and gold cup with him.
As it speaks the loneliness
of the king, I can feel
the loneliness with nobody around,
but it seems the small blooming
flowers in the field comforts him.
The anguish of the king,
it’s presented by @ShaneGill.

In the deep forest,
there is a chair in
the riverbank seems to
be washed away from somewhere.
It tells the rough travel to
here with its scars everywhere
on the chair.
Who was the person sitting on it?
Why did he make this big chair?
I hope the owner of the cabin
far away knows this.
It’s presented by @nuni.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The first challenge of December,
‘Let’s draw Fantasy’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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