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[Interview] HOF December 2019 @Papu

When Hello Kitty was born from
the personification of a white cat,
it didn’t have a name.
It wasn’t popular and there was
a time it would disappear.

The new designer thought and
made an effort for people to feel
closer with it like themselves,
then it embraced the stories of
people at that time and earned
the popularity with the name
Kitty White.

After that, with the effort
in changing by time,
it became a popular character
loved by people all over the world.

The last month of 2019, December.
The artist who is inducted into
HOF, it’s @Papu who is drawing
beautiful character with dedication.

Her characters have various postures
and facial expressions with smooth
and clear coloring that makes us
feel the effort and dedication
in the work.

It’s taking a lifetime to decide
the best pick because so many
charming characters are in her feed
and it makes us fall for her works.

It makes us curious how
the characters are naturally
made or what stories they have.

Why don’t we go to find out her
story to satisfy this curiosity?

Hi! nice to meet you, Papu!
We are the operations of PENUP.

Congratulations to you for being
selected in HOF of December.
Please tell us how you feel to be
selected in HOF.

A1. @Papu
Hi, I’m Papu from PENUP.
Thank you, PENUP’s operations.
who selected me in this glorious
HOF in December.

It was just another ordinary morning
today but got curious since
I got many notifications,
I heard the news that I was selected
for HOF and celebrated. ^________^
The sweetness when I first met PENUP
becomes a part of my life over
a long time and I always
appreciate this.

I believe it’s so happy to see
other people love what I love :)
I am always honored and humble for
all your celebration messages.
Penple who leaves a good comment
and encouragement allowed me to
continue my work.

Your first work was uploaded
in PENUP in April 2015.

SInce then, you’ve been
continuing your work.
How did you start PENUP?

A2. @Papu
I only got my blog to upload
my work before PENUP.
Meanwhile, my dad introduced me
‘PENUP’ app to me.

PENUP was not just a social media
but a place of communication
and learning with artists.

You know it’s hard to meet
people in the same field or
who love what you love.

That’s why I always appreciate
you providing the place of
communication named PENUP.
But I guess I rather use it like
daily dairy than communication!

The various japanese cartoon
characters uploaded in the early
days are impressive.

We are curious how they
affected your work.

A3. @Papu
I loved those above characters
when I started PENUP.
It was a strong motivation.

I started drawing when I wanted
to see something in a character,
but I sometimes felt
my shortcomings.
It could be just a poor skill or
lack of practice, or a time without
a space in my mind.

but it was a chance to learn and
realize myself each time and they
are priceless works to me than
just favorite works and characters.
I look around my previous works
at times still.

Then it makes me happy because
I can feel my emotions and the
process of work that only I know.

By looking at your feed,
your drawings gain details
and the characters seem to be
your own are uploaded much more.
I felt the work with marimo
so lovely.
I wonder how you started
drawing these ones.

A4. @Papu
Thank you for loving my work.
The beginning of the marimo
was created for me to draw it when
I take it easy with the character
of the previous question.
I get stuck with one then it was
marimo at that time.
I actually have one too.

I realized while having it that
marimo has another charm than
the characters inspired
by people or animals.
a native marimo lives about
150 years I heard.

So I thought maybe it’s a harsh
thing in its life to live in
a confined water tank or bottle
with a person than a wide lake
and decided to make the happiest
thing for it, and this got me started
drawing happy things for it.

There are many characters
with animal ears,
please tell us the reason
why you draw them a lot
and what are the charms as works.

A5. @Papu
People look at one’s facial
expression to know his or her mood.
To know an animal's mood,
you should check their body language
because it’s hard to know their
mood unless they are your
lifetime partners.

I felt animals without
personification has a limitation
in emotional expression,
so I tried to draw their behaviors
and emotional expressions more freely
in personification.
Their nature is an innocent animal
but with rich and colorful
emotional expressions,
they appealed attractively based
on the vividness, innocence
and freedom in them.

If you see my work,
you’ll find some of them
with or without human ears.
If they have animal ears
and human ears together,
they have a stronger tendency
of humans.
I hope this could bring another
fun in seeing my work :)

Many people who see your feed
wonder how you draw these
attractive characters.
Please tell us how to draw
characters well.

A6. @Papu
Firstly, I believe
it’s the deep interest
and affection on the object.

If you fell deeply for
the character, it makes it easier
for colorful expressions.
Knowing what it likes or dislikes
is also helpful in describing it,
however, it helped me a lot
in knowing the answers for
the questions in certain situations
like how will it respond?
what will it say?
the more specific situation,
more helpful :)

You can bring its charm from
what the character pursues.
There are some characters
who want money and honor,
or love and affection,
or they have a dream they wish
to achieve or they can be
the happiest when they
do something special.
if I think and see these sides,
it makes me happy because
it makes me feel one step
closer to the character.

You can see the properties
from the personal relation
of the character.
What people he or she gets along,
what people he or she avoids,
the character’s personal relation
in a larger scale to think,
these makes the properties
of the character a bit clearer.

It might be similar when
we deal with other people.
These charms are trimmed well
and completed in a drawing.
The details might change from
time to time while drawing.
The first one in the above
drawings has the hand holding
its ear was pulled down.

This one has a big ear
and I thought the gunfire might
be too loud for it so I covered
its ear a bit.:)

By looking at your detailed coloring
makes me feel your dedication
and passion.

I wonder how frequently you draw
in a month and how long it takes.

A7. @Papu
I have ups and downs
but mostly up to 20 pieces
and down to 5 pieces in a month.
I don’t draw at all sometimes
if I don’t feel like it.

The time required for my work
is about one hour to three hours
for the characters such as marimo.
If the background and character
to be in harmony,
it takes 5 to 6 hours or up to
two or four days at times.

Since I work as
Samsung theme artist,
I spent a little more time
for better quality.

It’s noticeable that you draw
characters from novels and cartoons.
Do you have any pieces
you want to draw?
We’d like to hear your further
drawing plans.

A8. @Papu
Recently, I enjoy reading prints,
adding my imagination and building
the structure of a character than
drawing a visible character.

The character I want to draw
in the future is ‘Hyeonje Sung’,
one of the characters of
‘The S Classes I Raised’ by Geunseo.
I haven’t read the latest one
so I feel lack of expressing
the character at the moment.

I'm so attracted with
the ‘experience’
from various characters.
Experience gives me feel more ages
or a good, calm and fragmentary
feeling in emotion. In depth.
I can feel the years of experience
in the character’s life and its
skilled life constructed from it.
It’s a charm that I have
difficulty with.

It was so hard to put the whole life
and charm of a character together
in a piece of drawing.

I am still young and guess
I need more time.
So I promised myself
to practice more for now!
I am aiming for various knowledge,
experience and communication
with other artists.

‘My Sketch’ from my collections is
made of the characters of my own.
I will dedicate myself to show their
various charms of these characters.

Last question.
Please tell us what
to compliment, improve,
or a story you have
while using PENUP.

A9. @Papu
What I am always grateful in
using PENUP is I feel like
the management is always
looking into it.

You excepted the artist information
but made the work standing out
in version 3.2 and also removed
double clicking for direct ‘like’
which I was uncomfortable with.

Penple complained about it then
it was added back on the update
version 3.3 which made me so
touched huhu.

Also, I always think it’s so
meaningful in the feeling of
belongingness being with people who
share what we like and the message
of encouragement from penple.

Drawing what I love is
a very happy thing.
But it makes me twice happier
for you loving my work.
I want to be together until
I can’t draw my work.
Thanks to the management
of PENUP for providing this place.
I will continue my drawings
constantly in the future.
Please keep yours eyes on me :D

How’s the interview with @Papu?

The designer of Hello Kitty
Yamaguchi Yuko introduced
in the above said this,

‘A good character should make
you feel like you can talk with it
or it talks to you’

Why don’t we draw characters that
we can talk and share the same dream
with us like our artist sharing
a conversation with other people
through her characters?

It would be great to imagine
your favorite character or
your own character to start drawing.

And put them in a story
to stretch your imagination
would be a great time as well.

With the happy imagination of yours,
we wish the feed of PENUP filled
full with the stories.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team