2019-11-27. AM 04:36
[HOF] December 2019 @Papu

Greetings. PENPLE’s!

What characters do you love?

There are various characters
In a lot of media nowadays.
We love their attracting sides
and Keep them in our hearts while
naturally getting close to
our daily lives.

It makes us want to draw
their appearances and actions,
and get to draw them by imagining
being at their side.

The last month of this 2019.
The selected artist for
the Hall of Fame in December
Is @Papu, with beautiful
characters catching our eyes.

There are various characters
living alive In the feed of
the artist.

We can meet the characters
from comic books and novels
and the artist’s original
characters as well.

The cute and charming
painting pieces to feel
the bubbling happiness,
and the attracting
and great characters
are making us fall into
Papu’s feed.

It amplifies our curiosity
from these various characters
In their different stories and
what story they want to share.

Appreciating Papu’s pieces that
have been amazingly developing
is such happiness.

Looking at Papu developing Papu
unique charm and attraction,
No wonder it makes us wonder
the passion for Papu’s work
and characters and the efforts
and work process to create such
a great piece like this.

Please drop by Papu’s feed
and Meet PaPu’s attracting pieces.

Don’t forget to leave a comment
of congratulation and ‘like’
on Penbook.

We look forward to your attention
and interest for the interview
with @Papu coming very soon. :)

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-The PENUP Team