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[Challenge]2019.December: Let's draw Fantasy

If you found a very old map
from an old storage,
where will be the destination
if you go for it?

It could be the mystery world
where the disappeared dinosaurs
or creatures live far down,
or the imaginary dragon,
magic or the place where
the mysterious creatures live.

And it could be a world of heroes
with the mystery power
or amazing scientific technology
from the films and comic books.

Where do you all want?
And where do you want to go?

It’s not real but the mysterious
world satisfies your wishes,
‘Fantasy’ is the theme
of this challenge.

She was dreaming she's a
centaur warrior! -_^ / @Hani
Hunter / @Grafixguru

Fantasy is one of the topics
that has been with people.

Stories are made up one
by one on the unaccountable
natural environment.
The mysterious phenomena became
the power of gods and heroes.

The story long ago keeps
inspiring a lot of people.
The stories in fantasy stimulates
our imaginations endlessly.

Do you have a fantasy that
stimulates your imagination?
The story makes your heart leap,
it would be great to recall it.

exploration / @SPR
wanderer: twelfth step / @Miky

The fantasy literature we
commonly encounter is accepted
by J.R.R Tolkien, a famous
English linguist and novelist
of The Lord of The Rings.

The view of the world and
mysterious species he built
and created spread out
and inspired so many people.

If you heard his story that
he translated the books handed
by the characters from the story,
you can feel his great love
for the fantasy world.

What people’s stories
do you want to translate?
It would be great to translate
the stories of the characters
in their worlds into drawings.

my dream – universe / @Pablo
불꽃놀이 / @wandering_girl

Even if it’s not the theme
in the fantasy,
even a decade ago,
we never thought that we could
use the internet or draw pieces
with a small device on our hands.

We thought seeing someone’s face
on a call or with clear pictures
was going to happen in the very
far future in the science fiction.

But we are used to easily
use many of these things
and take them for granted.
With these facts, the imaginary
world of ours might be a reality
in the future.
Do you have any thoughts about
the future or things in your mind?
Try expressing them with drawings.

It would be happy to imagine
that your imagination will
become reality, not a fantasy
anymore over a long time.

This challenge will be
proceeded for 15 days
From Dec. 1(Sun) to Dec. 15(Sun).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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