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[Review] Challenge of November (1)

Greetings. PENPLE’s!
The theme of this challenge was
‘Sky for 2020 Calendar’.

The changing sky every day
and a calendar filled
with different days each day.
They have something in common
and it makes this challenge
more special.

With the passionate participation of
PENPLE's, this challenge was also able
to capture fantastic views
of the sky.

Thank you, everyone,
who filled this coming year
with the feeling of expectancy.
Shall we meet the winners
of this challenge?

Evening sky / @e.a.stasy

Overcoming the cold weather,
climb to the top of the mountain
with clouds and watch
the first sunrise of the new year.
It seems the sun that rises through
the darkness will brighten
the beginning of 2020.

I sincerely wish everyone
to be happy and joyful.
The selected work starting
the year in January is
presented by @e.a.stasy.

Our sky ♡ / @aristina.z

Light a small bonfire with
small branches at the snowy
lakeside in winter.
Warming the frozen hands and feet,
what would be the two talking about?

In the deep forest at night,
being together with someone
will double happiness.
The selected work for February is
presented by @aristina.z.

(Untitled) / @AENEAN

Between the fields of grass
that have just begun to stand out
and the still cold looking sky,
the sun's light, which contains
the energy of the coming spring,
shatters and creates
a beautiful landscape

The selected work for March is
presented by @AENEAN.

Through the clouds / @Elmoghira

The appearance of a bird flying
The blue sky will give you
an energy of the month.

Remind yourself of the things
you have promised for the New Year,
such as wanting to reach higher.
I wish we could all soar up a month
like a bird flying through
the clouds.

The selected work for April
is presented by @Elmoghira.

early morning / @waskenkaralian

The clouds full of rain are
scattered with the rain
and the trees wanting
to follow the wind,
reaching out and shaking.
The desolate land was
filled with water,
and colorful flowers were painted
on a desolated land
to create fantastic works.

A full bloom of tremendous
beautiful flowers,
the selected work for May is
presented by @waskenkaralian.

* For wonderland / @Kinz

A very cloudy evening in the day,
the moment looking at the sky
and dreaming for freedom,
The unhidden sun mysteriously
colors the clouds and a ship reveals
itself from the lights.
Now, it’s time to depart
for adventure.

Why don’t we go to the world of
mystery together?

The selected work for June with
the beginning of many travels is
presented by @Kinz.

spring sky / @SPR

Run and open your arms cheerfully
in the wide field blowing
in the cool breeze,
and lay yourself quickly.
The long grown grasses
become a comfortable bed
and the blue sky and white clouds
become your blanket.
The honeybees came
to find unknown flowers,
may become fairies
and give a happy dream.

The selected work for July
reminding the field in summer is
presented by @SPR.

August blue sky♡ / @h.y.o.

The tabling filling the beach is
waiting for someone.
Is it the wave tickling the sand
in the white sand beach?
Is it the blanky mountains
staring someone far?
I think it’s you who would come
to this place with signpost of
the white clouds and the blue sky.

The selected work for August
attracting to the beach at
the peak of the summer
is presented by @h.y.o..

Blue sky / @SSB

Cosmoses chin up and stare
the blue colored sky
between the clouds.
I guess soon red dragonflies
will come as well.
They say, cosmos comes to us
before the beginning of fall.
The beautiful petals seen are stems
and the yellow part
is the flower in it.

The selected work for September
with the full coming of fall
is presented by @SSB.

Sky of Spring Night / @CAREUS

In the sky slowly getting dark,
the smiling moon appears itself,
and the tremendous starts
in the sky twinkles.
The light from flowers in the field
shining in the darkness,
it would be the minds of
the moon and stars
to see the beautiful flowers.

The selected work for October is
presented by @CAREUS.

Aurora / @MonSouhait

The glorious light lays
in the dark night,
spreads itself full
in the sky like a curtain.
I might forget where I am
because of the beauty of
it blinds me.

The mysterious and amazing scene
with the dancing lights of
different colors,
it happens throughout the year
but the best times would be
from April to September.

The selected work for November
makes us seek for aurora is
presented by @MonSouhait.

Wenter Night Sky / @R.A.A

It snows and covers the trees
and land all white.
In the blue shining sky
in the winter than the white snow,
between the wet fog surprised
and risen, the moon and starts
full of mysteries decorate the sky.
Men, animals and everything is
lost and fall into the scene.

The selected work for December
with the fantastic beauty
in the winter is
presented by @R.A.A.

These are the 12 winners.


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