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[Interview] HOF November 2019 @ldauti.

‘The Landscape of Delft’
was known as a masterpiece of
an impression among the works
from the very famous painter
from Netherlands Johannes Vermeer’s
with his work named
‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

Surprisingly, among his works,
there are only two pieces of Landscapes.
And all of them are
the landscapes of Delft,
where he was born and lived.

He beautifully and sensibly
drew the two landscapes of
the city where he was living in.
And people said, his love
and affection for the city were
fully expressed in the works.

Of course, even in
the HOF of this November,
our artist @ldauti. is showing
his love for the nature
and the city in his work.

The landscapes of the city
and nature are beautifully spread
in his feed.

It makes us look back at the city
that we got a bit used to
and took for granted once more.

The landscape with the juice of life
expressed by the light and colors,
not only the old buildings
and high-rise buildings,
but also the beautiful sea, boats,
islands and forests are so compulsive
and gripping on his feed.

We’re so excited for the interview
with the artist who are presenting
the artworks with the mood
in traveling the inside
and outside of the city on the tram.
Shall we go and meet our artist?

Hi, nice to meet you, @laduti.
We are the operations of PENUP.
Congratulations for being selected
as HOF of November.
How do you feel about
being selected as HOF?

A1. @ldauti.
Thank you so much for
the selection of HOF of November.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you to everyone
for the nice comments
and the congratulations!
I am very grateful to be selected.

I am 40 years old from Naugatuck CT.
My passion for art comes from nature
travel, and photography.

I have drawn my whole life.
I think it is a talent.
I was born with this talent
and always been passionate about it.
I like to use perspective,
multiple layers and mixed media
in my work.
This gives the pieces depth.

I hope to meet and communicate
with the new artists on PENUP.
Also seeing the great works
on PENUP is very inspiring to me.
This is my hobby
and i like to do on the side.

Your first work was uploaded
on PENUP in Aug. 2017.
You’ve been uploading
your works ever since.
How did you start PENUP?

A2. @ldauti.
I started PENUP while drawing
on my Samsung Note 4.
I came across the app by accident.
I love drawing on my Note 10 plus.
I feel like there is nothing better
than the PENUP app.
Seeing what other artists create
inspires me to do better.

We are so curious about the places
in the landscapes in the works.
Please tell us where are
the frequent places in the work
and their charms as the materials
for your work.

A3. @ldauti.
I love to draw places
where I get inspiration from
and places from my travels.
One of my favorite places
is the Old Bridge in Mostar.
I also drew some other places
like Beirut, Italy, and Mexico.

My background is Albanian.
I have traveled to Albania,
Macedonia and Southern Europe.
A lot of my work is influenced
by my background and the places
I have seen, like narrow winding
streets, hills, mountains,
water and reflection’s.

It seems you drew different places.
However, at a close look,
We can see that you drew one place
in different angles
or changes in the environment.
What’s your reason
to draw these changes?

A4. @ldauti.
The old bridge in Mostar
is my favorite place to draw.
I have been drawing and painting
this bridge for years
and was on my bucket list!!

I like to show the bridge
in different seasons and weather.
I think the bridge is very unique.
Especially when the weather changes,
it creates different colors.
It could be very moody.

To me the bridge represents
the coming together
of different cultures, religions,
and living in peace and harmony.
I’m also fascinated with the history
and culture in the region.
The bridge was recently destroyed
yet rebuilt with great attention
to detail.

It’s great to see something so old
come back to life and reborn again.
It’s a positive message.

The weather or season
is expressed with details
which makes it as real
as looking at the actual place.
How long does your work take?

Also, do you use
any digital drawing tools
for these expressions?

A5. @ldauti.
I like to use a lot of layers
and textures in my work.
When I paint on canvas,
I like to use mixed media.
I like to evoke a sense of mood
and expression in my work.
I am very passionate in what I do.

The time frame on my work
depends on the piece.
It could take anywhere
from 3 hours to a week.
I usually start with a first layer
and add additional layers as needed.
I also scan my paper drawings
into the Sketchbook Pro app
and draw over that for some pieces.

All my work is done
on my Samsung Note 10 plus
or Samsung tablet using the S Pen.

There are lots of trams
in the works.
The trams in the city
were very impressive.
Do you have any reasons
in drawing a lot of them?

A6. @ldauti.
The trams I draw are
from the city of Lisbon.
When I was 15, my family and i went
on vaction to San Francisco.
It was my first time in CA.
This is where my love
of trams/cable cars came from.
Lisbon reminds me a lot of San Francisco
with hills, trams and narrow streets.

I try to evoke that same sense
of color, light and air in my work.
I love the colors and the sense
of perspective it creates!
I also like to give people
a sense of depth in my work.
I love to travel and a way
to show it through my work.

Not only the city,
but also nature landscapes
are used a lot in your works.
It’s surprising that the angles
and colors of the sun and the moon
were expressed fantastically.
Where do you get your inspirations
for these works?

A7. @ldauti.
My inspiration is taken from
everything around me.
I love the beach and nature.
I never get bored
of looking at nature,
especially with the sun and moon.
capturing the moment
like a photograph.

The refreshing ocean
and beautiful islands make us so want to go there.
What are the memorable tourist spots
and when are the moments
you wanted to draw?

A8. @ldauti.
My goal is to make them inviting
and warm with the use of
colors and shading.

These pieces are
in the south pacific
and the beautiful city
of Dubrovnik in Croatia.
I love water and love to swim.
I grew up going to the beach
and always enjoyed the sounds,
colors and fresh air.

The seasonal feeling and coloring
from the painting makes us
fall in the landscapes.
Please tell us if you have
a favorite among your works
and advice for artists
who wish to draw landscapes.

A9. @ldauti.
I would say perspective, light,
composition matter, using layers,
and textures to create depth.
In addition the use of shading
to give depth and perspective.
Also, patients, balance
make your hobby/talent are
the top priority.

One of My favorite pieces is
the Venice CA canal.
I like the colors,
and the perspective it creates.

"Don’t give up on your passion."
This app has opened me up
to other artists and inspired me
to create better work
Also inspire other artists as well.
I am very grateful and humbled
that PENUP gave me this platform
to show my passion
for art and travel.

Thank you again for the nice words and comments
on my work.
I hope everyone enjoys
as much as I enjoy creating them.

This is the last question.

Please tell us if you have
any good things, things to improve
or things you want to tell PENUP
since you’ve been using it.

A10. @ldauti.
I really enjoyed this app.
I like the sense of community.
The members are great.
Love hearing the feedback
and input from everyone.
Thank you again!!!

How was the interview
with our artist @ldauti.?

The above-mentioned
Johannes Vermeer’s
‘The Landscape of Delft’
was mentioned in the novel
‘Remembrance of Things Past’
by Marcel Proust.

The line of the character
from the novel 'Breguet '
‘Like a child attracted by
a yellow butterfly,
I was attracted
by the yellow wall.’
made the tiny ordinary wall
seek by many visitors.

For the things look
the same each day
which we pass them without noticing,
It would be fun to closely observe
and draw them in painting at times.

With all your happy energies,
we look forward to the feeds.
PENUP will become more energetic!

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team