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[Challenge]2019.November: Let's draw Chair

How long do you spend
your time in sitting in a day?

Many people mostly sit and spend
their day while they’re awake.

Grabbing some food,
working or studying too.
Sitting and enjoying breaks or
dozing off while sitting at times.

So sitting is a daily action
that we can’t forget in our days.

The space we lean on and
modern people’s friend
for a long time together,
‘Chair’ is the theme of
this challenge.

왕좌 / @Creeper_melon
Nefertiti / @Sinwall

Once upon a time,
when people start grouping,
chairs existed
but they had different meanings.

Everyone moved his or her
body to work for living.
So people who could sit meant
they had a high status.
And the chair they sat on meant
the symbols of their authority.

The words chairman or throne
as well, began from the authority
the chairs symbolized,
It gives a little different look
for the commonly seen chairs.

If you belonged to
high class in the past,
which chair would you
been sitting on?

It would be great to imagine
the chair you would have been
sitting on.

April's Cafe... / @artNstillLife
Beach Cafe. / @Gavriel

Many years have passed and
the Industrial Revolution began.
Many people started working
while they were sitting.
Then the chairs began to change.

With new materials, practicality
and personal preference,
they have been developed
with various designs
and user-based needs.

It has grown with a role of
personal space,
not the role of symbolization,
over a long time.

Nowadays, we are living with
so many chairs together.
As friends with different
we are using them
in places of our daily lives.

What chair are you sitting on
right now?
What chair do you sit on
while drawing?
It makes us so curious about
what chair you rest on
and the chair you spend
most of the time in sitting.

In the office just like home
/ @Marquiux
banana and cognac / @hrum

a Dane architect Arne Jacobsen
took charge in the hotel
to be built in Copenhagen.
He received a request of total
modification before completion.

He couldn’t modify
the whole building.
But he built new chairs in
the lobby to solve this situation.

The chair inspired by the look of
scrambled and piled eggs.
‘the Egg Chair’
has been invented from it.

Why don’t we imagine
our own chair to fill a family
and little boring space
in our daily lives?
Drawing and sharing ideas
with other people would be
a great time we believe.
This challenge has held
from Nov.16(Sat) to Nov.30(Sat)
over 15 days.

We look forward to
your participation and great works.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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