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[Review] Challenge of October (2)

The theme of the second challenge
of October was ‘Landmark’.

Various landmarks in the world
and their diverse landscapes
are not so easily seen
and it was a great time
to find unconventional scenes
and new information from
the places we are familiar with.

We even enjoyed in looking up
the locations of unfamiliar places
with a plan for new travels.

We appreciate everyone who
introduced various landmarks
in challenge feed.
Why don’t we meet
the winners of this challenge?

South Korea, in seoul( N.tower)
Nam-san tower / @ANEs.
광화문 / @Cong.gee

When the sun is going down and
the moon is slightly rising up,
they pass by each other and
the darkness sits down.
The tower on the top of
the mountain in colorful lights
spreads out its attraction.
THe light of the cold looking
city was embraced, and this
composed a beautiful landscape.
The N tower located in Namsan, Seoul
is presented by @ANEs.

Gwanghwamun is the main gate of
Gyeongbokgung palace where
the king lived and its name means
the great virtue of the king
glares in the whole country.
Like its name, like gralring
the whole country at dark night,
the piled stones and beautiful lines
in the edge of the eaves were
lighted and impressively showing
their splendid stance.
Gwanghwamun in Seoul, Korea
is presented by @Cong.gee.

High Tea in Paris / @Shannon1980
Stonehenge / @TonyFarvio

In a tiring afternoon on the travel,
at a cafe with a beautiful view
you just dropped by,
take a break with a cup of
hot tea and sweet desserts.
Then you’ll see the scenery
around the place.
Old but beautiful buildings
and the Eiffel Tower you see between
them makes it feels like it can
blow all the tiring feeling away.
The Eiffel Tower and
the surrounding scenery
is presented by @Shannon1980.

The sun peeks between clouds and
the stone pillars standing strong
in the wide field,
The long shadows seem to be
telling us that the stones are
out of the ordinary.
There are no certain reasons
how they are built and there are
so many stories behind.
The place with full of mystery,
Stonehenge in Salisbury Field,
the United Kingdom
is presented by @Tonyfavio.

Fukuoka tower
Christmas Illuminations / @azu
golden gate bridge / @shahi

The building to light up the sky
with beautiful lights is the beauty
to enjoy in the city.
Cold winter is coming but the mood
will be more like it if the trees
left in the surroundings wear
shining bulb clothes.
Even the stars put a period in
the beautiful sky in this
fantastic scene.
Fukuoka Tower from Fukuoka, Japan,
It is presented by @azu.

The red pillars and long floppy
cables seem to make straight lines
and curves in harmony to
show their beauty.
Across the sea and in a far distance
where the mountain is,
It won’t take long to be
there to research.
The most famous suspension
in the world,
the landmark of San Francisco,
USA, Golden Gate Bridge
is presented by@shahir.

lPura Urun Danu Bratan / @z3dmax
Monument Iraqi martyr in Baghdad
/ @Yous if_Aqeel

In the early morning, pull on
the oars and see the temple
on water from the place.
Just like finding and
heading to a secret place,
The excitement and beautiful
surroundings won’t even
make us blink our eyes.
Bali of Indonesia,
the temple on water,
Pura Urun Danu Bratan
is presented by @z3dmax.

This place was built to appease
a dead soldier of Iraq who died
in the war in the 1980s.
I was so surprised with its
beautiful appearance
at first glance, then became solemn
after knowing the meaning.
Just like it is being sorrowful
for the painful history,
It shatters and lights
all surroundings.
Monument Iraqi martyr in Bagdad
is presented by @Yous if Ageel.

La Sagrada Familia / @Betelgeuse
The Leaning Tower of
Pisa (Challenge) / @Chris_Lee

The sun rises over the high spire,
the people attracted by the
splendid buildings hold their
hands and head to the church
with great expectancy.
They said the construction is
continuously ongoing in here.
The parts being seen are only
a portion of the whole structure.
Then I believe there is
so much more fun left.
Temple of La Sagrada Familia
in Barcelona, Spain
is presented by @Betelgeuse.

This tower is famous to
many people and they said
it has been built over 199 years.
Then it is such a landmark that
has tilted and required a repairment
over 830 years from the beginning
to the end of the work.
The work with a careful expression
seems to speak for its tremendous
time piled on the tower.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italia
is presented by @Chris_Lee.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The first challenge of November,
‘Let’s draw SKY for 2020 Calendar’
is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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