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[Challenge]2019.November: Let's draw Sky for 2020 Calendar

Greetings, PENPLE’s!!

We think the year 2019 has
just began, However, only two
months are left for this year.
We appreciate all our PENPLE’s
who’ve been loving PENUP,
We prepared the challenge
for this time!
It is calendar preparation
for the year 2020 with our PENPLE’s.

The sky shows various aspects of
it to us over the year.
From January to December,
I think it will be richer and
more beautiful for the calendar
if there are the representing
skies of each month.

The theme of this challenge is
‘Sky for 2020 Calendar’.

The best 12 participants of
this challenge will be given
a PENUP calendar.

Don’t miss this chance to have a
calendar that will be on the desk
of many penple and also to have
a calendar of your work.

Study / @Moo
Buscando el lado bueno de
la tormenta! / @Edith.DgArt

The sky without airplanes
in the past was the unknown world.

The sky was the place
where gods live,
The changes of the sky were
the changes of their emotions.

When you look at the sky,
the expression
‘the change of emotion’
feels so right.

Like to laugh, cry, get angry
and shy as emotional expressions,
It would be great to draw the sky of
various faces by comparing them from
the daily emotions by drawing.

"Sirius" / @Kievniell
The constellation of firefly
/ @wandering_girl

In the dark night,
the tremendous stars in the sky,
They approach and connect to
each other, and become beautiful
constellations embroidering the sky.

The ancients thought that
the movements of the stars
are related to the life of
human which sparkle,
then disappear as the shooting stars.

Therefore, they said,
people doing meaningful works,
or people with earnest wishes,
they believed that they can be
the stars in the sky.

Why don’t we draw the constellations
in the night sky with the promises
and wishes for the future for
the coming year?
It would be great to draw the wishes
together with everyone.

diamonds in the sky / @aristina.z
JussMeAndYou#2 / @vuckethead

A calendar is used to
check the date.
But it also can be used to remember
and make a great memory of special
days such as a promise with
your special someone, birthday, etc.

These precious days,
Being mixed with the artworks of
every kind of the sky,
Wouldn’t it be even more
special to remember?

A page in the calendar with
the work of one’s mind and
priceless memories,
Every single day of the year
will be so precious from
the beginning to the end.

We look forward to
your participation,
and please fill up
the PENUP 2020 Calendar
with your amazing work.

This challenge will be
proceeded for 15 days
From Nov. 1(Fri) to Nov. 15 (Fri).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team