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[HOF] November 2019 @ldauti.

The impressionism Vincent Van Gogh,
He was working in Paris then moved
to Arles in the south of France
to draw new paintings.

He looked at changing
nature and cities
and produced over
180 pieces in 15 months.

A city is charming with
people living in and
You can feel the juice
of life in it.
It can be an inspiration and
material of tremendous artworks.

The chosen artist in the HOF
of this November is '@ldauti.'.
He beautifully and colorfully
expressed the beautiful scene
of the city with nature.

It contains a lot of
landscapes in his works.
A running tram in the village,
the beautiful river and bridge,
and the refreshing sea
and boats floating on it.

His works have a power to
Imagine a travel.

Visiting the place under
the name travel,
riding a tram on the road,
enjoying the landscape
of the downtown,
then you ended up to
the riverside and walking on it.
You’ll reach the wide ocean or
thick forest at the end of the road.

Once you take a break after
reaching your destination,
The day in your journey with you
facing the fantastic landscape
that the sun and the moon
far away mixed with nature,
can be easily imagined.

In addition, in the works
of our artists,
We can feel the beautiful light
embraced by the sun and the moon.

The sun and the moon,
lighting the mountains,
seas and cities,
by emitting the light and
charm they have and
boost the attraction of the works.

The changes of colors,
It seems they emit the magic for us
to fall into the works.

Meet the cities and nature with
impressive light and expressions
by dropping by the HOF of November,
@ldauti.’s feed.

Please don’t forget the celebrations
and likes for @ldauti..

Stay tuned for the interview
with the artist as well :)

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