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[Review] Challenge of October (1)

When you’re fed up with busy days,
You feel the need of rest
for your tiring days.
In this situation,
with a sweet dessert and
a cup of warm coffee at a café,
you can feel you’re getting
laid back again.

The space relaxing your mind.
‘Café’ was the theme of
this challenge.

With these very relaxing pieces,
With you feeling like sitting
and resting at a quiet café,
It was the time to fall
into this cozy feeling.

Thank you again, all applicants,
Now why don’t we go to
see the winners of this challenge?

* Sweet Rest / @Kinz
Good Old Coffee / @SSP

Sitting at a café by the beach,
With a cup of coffee ordered,
You are reading a book and
suddenly lifting your head to
look at the outside of the window.
When the sun is hidden by the clouds
about to swamped by the sea,
It popped up for a sec and
dyed the sky colorfully.
It’s got more calm feeling
in the evening shadow.
It was presented by @ Kinz.

With a thick mustache
and a fedora on,
A gentleman sat in his seat.
The ordered coffee was
served ahead, The peculiar
scent fills and spreads,
He will enjoy the flavor
and scent, close his eyes
and be in a brown study.
Starting his day with
his experience and peace,
It was presented by @ SSPO.

Staff / @curibi
(Untitled) / @me_art91

Got to work, neatly dressed.
Take coffee and shake off
the sleepiness early in the morning.
The rest was shortly over,
guests came in.
Now it’s time to work.
Neatly organized tablecloth
and chairs, Hopefully the guests
will love it so much.
He is again in this very lively
cafe today.
It was presented by @curibi.

When you’re sitting at
the side of a quiet busy café,
You can see the scenes of
the surroundings.
The ones sitting and talking at
the bar table,
Others sitting and having their
time to themselves,
There are two friends looking guys
are catching up on what
they’ve been doing.
The café with different people
at the place,
It was presented by @me_art91.

Small coffee shop / @Gavriel
A fox café / @shim

Waking up early in the morning,
opening the store,
Cleaning the café that supposed
to be done last evening,
Once the owner prepared
for her new day to begin,
She can now take a short break.
Tasting the coffee
prepared for today,
Pacing around in the café,
I can feel her wishes
for customers to come.
It was presented by @ Gavriel.

Welcome to the fox’s café.
We prepared tea again
for your happy day.
We will always prepare
your seat only for you.
Don’t forget but come and
enjoy your happy break.
The manager Fox always welcomes you.
It was presented by @ shim.

let's have tea at the café
/ @BeautfulCentaur
Paradise Café / @pokapoka

When the water brewed the leaf
filled to the rim of a cup,
There is a delicate fragrance of
green tea in the place.
in this place with
the overflowing warmth,
the holding hands of the two,
it makes the mood more romantic.
The caring and happy
ones in the picture,
I guess they are facing
and smiling at each other.
It was presented by

The fallen leaves lie like
a carpet on the floor,
with a cozy chair and
small table on it,
it will make a great café even in
the forest without a wall or roof.
Small animals will certainly
gather for the spreading coffee
fragrance to the forest.
The two on their seats
forgot the coffee.
They seemed to be on their walk
falling in the mood of the scene.
It was presented by @pokapoka.

Café / @Aki
cafe latte♡♡ / @ch0ea

A cup of coffee says
a relaxing moment.
From the coffee in a blue cup,
I can feel the warmth
than the coldness.
Is it the warm coffee in it?
I think it’s the effort of
the person who prepared it.
A cup of coffee with
a heart handed to you,
It was presented by @Aki.

A bubbly-made cat with
a delicious fish in its mouth,
It is softly sitting on
a cup of coffee.
It will disappear if
we drink the coffee.
How sad is it?
If I see a bubble-made
cat on my eyes,
I don’t think
I can drink the coffee.
It was presented by @ch0ea.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in
this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

Currently October’s
second challenge,
‘Let’s draw Landmark’,
is underway.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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