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[Challenge]2019.October:Let's draw Landmark

When you hear the names
Statue of Liberty,
the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
and the Pyramids,
what countries come to mind

U.S.A., Italy, and Egypt -
these countries come to mind
without much difficulty.

In this way, there are many
locations all around the world
that represent a country or
a city with its name alone.

They are not only
excellent representatives,
but also make some people
want to travel or give artistic
inspiration to others.

This challenge’s theme,‘Landmark’
represents and gives
information about a place.

The World of Architecture / @TheGoodle
Big Ben, London, UK / @Balsamello

A landmark was originally a marking
for travellers and explorers
in a certain location to bring
them back to where they started.

Now, it is used for
buildings, sculptures,
cultural assets,
or anything that symbolizes
a certain place.

After seeing many landmarks being
newly chosen and named all over
the world in different cities
following the expansion of
a landmark’s meaning,
we continue to look forward to
the changes in the meaning.

N-Tower sketch#2 / @Kevin.Kim
greatwall👣 / @Choloaldon

We can now easily find our
way anywhere thanks to
the advancement of cellphones.
We use it conveniently in our
busily lives to find our
destinations easily.

However, another way to feel
the charm of a city is to look
for landmarks as you walk down
the streets when you’re finding
your way to someplace.

It’ll be quite a different pleasure
to draw landmarks of a new place or
a place that catches your eye.

One night at Tower Bridge / @BacGyver
Singapore : Night Skyline / @Abex

Currently, landmarks are also
called a city’s new strength
with its unique, never-seen-before
structures or beautiful lights that
light up a dark night.

Is there a landmark where you
live or in a place you go often
that you want to show someone?
Please introduce it on
PENUP to everyone.

It will feel like we are on
a world tour and we will have
a great time.

This challenge is from
October 16th (Weds) to
October 31st (Thurs)
for a total of 16 days.

We look forward to many of your
participation and great entries.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team