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[Interview] HOF October 2019 @AENEAN

One of the Britain’s beloved artist
and prominent influencer of Europe’s
modern art is William Turner,
a famous English landscape painter.
He gained much experience
and also inspiration
from his frequent travels.

He was so passionate
about his landscape painting,
that to draw what he wanted,
he would go out in the stormiest
nights and even tie himself to
a mast to brave the rough waves and
crashing sea throughout the night.

Seeing this,
an English art critic, John Ruskin,
commented that Turner
gives us a new way of looking
at the world through his paintings.

Our October’s HOF artist is
gifting us with beautiful landscape
paintings of nature and sentiment
that is not easy to find.
It is artist, @AENEAN.

This artist has been drawing
various forms of nature
in different places, time, seasons,
and weather changes
through landscape paintings
since February 2016.

The nature depicted in the
artist’s pictures feels like
we are in the picture itself,
with its harmony of space perception
and the colors of the elements,
making it feel even more realistic.
Don’t you feel like you could almost
smell the scent of nature?

We want to get to know who this
artist that is gifting us with
such beautiful sceneries is
with this interview.

Hello @AENEAN,
we are the PENUP Operations Team.
Congratulations for being nominated
for October’s HOF.

Please could you say a few words
about how you feel?

First of all I want to say hello
to all my friends at PenUp and
thanks them for their support.
I want to say hello to the PenUp team
and thank you from the heart.

My name is Jasmina
to all of you known as Aenean.
I have a 37 years and I live in
beautiful county of Croatia
and you really need to come visit.

And how does it feel to
be in the HOF?WONDERFUL❤

Looking at your feed,
we can see that you upload
pictures quite often.
You uploaded your first picture
on February 2016.
How did you get to start PENUP?

I draw whenever I get
and whenever I can,
that is I often post.

My first post on PenUp?
I have to laugh every time becouse
I was really bad,
but at the same time
I am proud to see what
my current work is.

All start with my NOTE 4 2016
I deside to try with
my digital drawing and
3 years after I am in HOF.

Although there are more
digital drawings now,
we can see a few canvas paintings
from a while ago.
What are the differences between
canvas and digital drawing,
and what are the benefits
of digital drawing?

I always introduce myself as
a digital artist first and
than as a traditional artist.

The difference is many, of course,
but I enjoy both digital and
traditional painting equally.

In the digital world everything
is easier,but it still requires
constant investment in knowledgle.

Observing your drawings, the angles,
perspectives, and detailed
expressions are impressive.
Please let us know any
digital drawing tools
that you are using.

My favorite drawing application
is ArtRage but I also use
many other applications
that are for this purpose.

When I do mountains I use
a knife exclusively becouse
everything can be achieved with it .

In the beginning there were a few
portraits and object paintings,
but now it is mostly landscapes.
Do you have any reasons for
usually drawing landscapes?

I really love nature and enjoy
all it’s beauty.

The next time when you have
opportunity to stay in nature,
turn around and you will understand
why I directed all my attencion
and love to the landscapes.

Among the many landscapes,
there are quite a lot of
artwork on ‘mountains’.

Is there any particular
reasons for using ‘mountains’
as a drawing subject?

My dear Mountains.
I was born in the north of a small
and beautiful country of Montenegro.

I qrew up in the snow surrounded
by mountains and I always admired
how powerful thay might look.
Trough my drawing I want to convey
to you this mystique that lies
in the mountains .

In your artwork,
we can see the changing seasons
or the change of sceneries
because of the sun.
Do you use any special method
to capture these changes?

I need very little to remember
all the colors in one photo.

When the colors present,
it is necessary to add
a little light,
a little imagination,
love and the lot of
knowledge about it all.
And as a final result you
will get everything you want to get.

When we look at the locations
in your pictures,
the details of these extensive
spaces are really wonderful.

You must invest a lot of
time and devotion.
We are curious about how long
it takes to complete a picture
and also how many hours
you spend a day drawing.

Because details take a lot of time,
sometimes I spend 3 to 4 hours
drawing,sometimes even more,
depending on how much
free time I have.

It is very important that
inspiration is present becouse
without it everything you try
will not be done in the end.

To draw beautiful pictures,
you’d probably have to
visit many places.

Do you travel often?
Also, you have drawn
numerous places, is there
any location particularly
memorable to you?

I travel as little as I can ,
which is very small unfortunately.

But every time when I have the
opportunity I run away where
I will feel inspired and that
is defenitely MOTHER NATURE.

Here is our last question.

While using PENUP,
is there anything you’d
like to compliment, or point
out that needs improvement?
Or is there anything that
you’d like to say to PENUP?

First of all thank you to
PENUP for being there ,
bringing together so many people
from different parts of the world
and uniting us with ART.

Thank you all your team and
thank you very much to
I love you

How was the interview
with the artist?

Looking @AENEAN’s pictures,
it reminds us of the saying by
English critic,
Thomas Carlyle, who said,

“Nature is the time-vesture of God”

When we feel our days becoming
numb and wearisome from the
same repetition of everyday life,
take time to go outside and
capture the clothes nature is
wearing in a drawing and
soothe your weary body and mind.

We are looking forward to
PENUP’s landscape
becoming even more colorful.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team