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[Review] Challenge of September (2)

The theme for this challenge was
a special day for
anyone and everyone.

Colorful balloons,
fluttering flowers,
sweet cakes, and of course,
dazzling presents -
they all make you feel like
you’re at a birthday party.

The Challenge Feed was filled
with the celebrating hearts of
loving families, friends, and
respected ones, adorable pets,
and even PENUP’s birthday,
giving us joy like everyday
was our birthday.

We would like to thank everyone
who participated in this challenge.

And so, shall we go meet this
challenge’s winners
who are like gifts filled
with celebration and thanksgiving?

Orenji's Fave Cake / @Orenjineko
SAME BIRTHDAY ❤️ / @NeymaSan

There is a delicious looking
chocolate cake in front of
the birthday cat.
Seeing the confetti,
I guess it’s time to
blow out the candles.
When it blows out the candle,
what will it wish for?
Maybe something delicious?
A fun toy?
We hope that the cat’s birthday
wish comes true.
This is by @Orenjineko.

It is two boys’ birthday.
There are bright smiles on the boys’
faces amidst the pretty,
colorful balloons and the delicately
fluttering flower powder.
What could be in those
many gift boxes?
This is by @NeymanSan.

Happy Birthday PenUp!!))) / @iPalenka
Happi Birthday / @HoloF0X

Is it the birthday of a loved one?
Her smile is filled with love.
From the heart-shaped and
colorful balloons to the
delicious looking cake,
we can see that she has prepared
a lot for this day.
This picture makes us
curious to know which
lucky person’s birthday it is.
This is by @iPalenka.

A cute fox has appeared.
By the huge smile on its face,
did it come to play?
Oh! It has a card in its mouth.
It probably came in a busy friend’s
stead to deliver a birthday card.
Will it come back when
there is a reply?
This is by @ HoloF0X.

blow out candles and make a wish..
/ @_yueya
Happy birthday penup! / @hosio

Tears flow as she makes a wish
and blows out the candle,
because the wish cannot come true.
Her parents are whispering that
they are always by her side
even though they are invisible,
bringing tears to our eyes.
We shouldn’t forget that there is
always someone by our side.
This is by @_yueya_.

It is a night filled with radiant
starlight following the wind.
A magician has followed the wish
written on a paper plane
and is at the windowsill.
On this beautiful night
in the dark room,
a cake that can fill up one’s
heart has appeared in a blink of
an eye with dazzling magic.
This picture makes us look
forward to a magical birthday,
and it is by @hosio.

It's my party and I cry if I want to…
/ @Hypnorino
LOVE birthday♡ / @yisky

A pretty princess is crying
even though it is her birthday.
Did she get a fright from
the fireworks?
Or did someone take a piece of
yummy chocolate that was
one top of the cake?
The answer probably lies in the
direction her finger is pointing.
This is by @Hyprnorino.

A green tea sponge cake
covered in sweet chocolate
and topped with various decorations
give joy to our taste buds;
and even the wooden tray and
the sunrays between the leaves
give joy to our eyes.
This cake brings happiness to both
the one who made it with care
and the person who will eat it,
and it is by @yisky.

Happy Birthday Penup / @ ilo
A Birthday With Your Loved Ones
/ @eurydicesidhe

The huge laughter celebrating
PENUP’s birthday certainly makes
quite an impression.
Our faces are filled with smiles
at the bright laughter and
excited actions that are filled
with celebration.
This entry that puts a huge
smile on everyone’s faces
is by @ilo.

The cake on the table with
lit up candles and the parents,
each wearing cone hats,
are welcoming a brightly
smiling child.
It’s probably time to
sing the birthday song now.
Our hearts are warmed by this
happy looking family.
This is by @eurydicesidhe.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these 10 people
in the comments.

Currently October’s first challenge,
‘Cafe’, is underway.

We hope for your
active participation.
Thank you.

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