2015-02-26. PM 02:02
PEN.UP 1.7.0 version update
  • Hello! Penple, We are happy to introduce our New features of 1.7.0 version.
  • ■ "Apps for PEN.UP" Menu
  • Added the New feature "Apps for PEN.UP"
  • This spaces are shown the drawing apps applied PEN.UP SDK

    ‘Install’ button will guide to Google Play,
    You can meet artworks drawn from each apps

    If you upload your artwork from drawing app directly to PEN.UP, and It'll be shown in this menu :)
    what is 'direct upload'?
  • You can find the detailed information about PEN.UP SDK below link.

  • ■ "All content" button is here
  • You can meet all of artworks in this 'All content' button.

  • ■ Wallpaper feature
  • decorate your background with PEN.UP artwork by Live wallpaper feature

  • ■ more features
  • URL Link : Automatically make link on description

    Flick feature: Comment window will be shown by flicking up on detail view

    Comment Like feature: You can give the heart on the comment ♡

  • PEN.UP will try to continue to better our service so that we could become a funny and convenient community with your wonderful drawings..

    For update, click here.
  • We love 5 stars. Please ;)