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[Challenge]2019.October:Let's draw Cafe

If you walk around cities
around the world,
you can see different cafes
in corners here and there.

From famous franchises to
a local and cultural
place preserving its long history,
you can meet some special
and unique cafes.

A café is a place where anyone
can go to think, meet others,
and be comfortable.
Sometimes it is your own
warm and familiar hideout.

For you PENPLEs,
is there a café that stimulates
the artistic sense that
you’d like to introduce to PENUP?

The theme of this challenge is

Beach café / @kbg7
LONDON / @jeru_art

Café is a French word for ‘coffee’.
Many ‘coffee selling shops’
appeared as coffee become
increasingly popular in Paris.

They say that back then
many artists and intellects
would gather in this meeting place
and share and exchange information.

Even the French Revolution
began with meetings in cafes
as they dreamed of a new world.

The rich aroma of coffee
sometimes has the power to
make us serious, solemn,
and philosophical.

cafe girl / @miyune
Coffee...always / @SundanceFox

As time went by,
cafes changed in many different
ways to attract attention.

There is a rise of spaces decorated
with not easily seen interiors,
like a laboratory or a jungle.

You can also have a unique
experience like meeting animals,

and the cafes filled with books
can also give us an emotional rest
and comfort from our busy lives.

Starbucks / @usk_keesunge
man in a trendy café / @neschof

How about dropping
by a great café
and ordering a café au lait,
and while waiting for
the roast of coffee beans,
drawing while waiting?

Bring up memories of
a café scenery, the food,
the meetings with people,
and the diverse stories
you have shared together.

Just as the aroma of
a hot cup of coffee fills the café,
we hope that all your pictures
will fill up the challenge feed.

This challenge is from the
1st of October (Tues)
to 15th of October (Tues),
for a total of 15 days.

We look forward to
your participation
and some great artwork.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team