2019-09-25. AM 07:38
PhoneArena's Spen drawing interview

Hello. We’re the PENUP Team.

Much attention is being given to mobile drawing and PENUP
with the launch of Galaxy Note 10 and 10+.
Have you seen any S-Pen drawing uploads on social media recently?

There is an interview video of a Bulgarian artist,
Konstantin Kolev, using a Galaxy Note 10 and S-Pen
to make a creative drawing
on the YouTube channel, PhoneArena,
which gives reviews of new products and
satisfies our curiosity about diverse smartphone products.

The artist’s thoughts on art, character illustration, and
how he completes a picture with an S-Pen and PENUP
can be seen in this interview.

The Galaxy Note comes with an S-Pen inside of it,
allowing good portability;
and maybe that is why there are many recent videos introducing the use of S-Pen.

This is a great tool to use anywhere and anytime and enjoy drawing.
In addition, you can also write down any sudden ideas or even sketch them
and so come up with an even more creative work process.

Artist Konstantin mentioned that
he feels enjoyment and the fun of drawing using an S-Pen.

Check out the process of making a character illustration with PENUP
in this video:

We are looking forward to seeing more
diverse S-Pen pictures on PENUP.

If you saw any cool S-Pen drawings on social media,
please let us on PENUP know.

We, at PENUP, are doing our best to create a community
where anyone can enjoy art and communicate with each other.

Thank you.


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-The PENUP Team