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[Review] Challenge of September (1)

The night before going on an outing,
we could hardly sleep with
the excitement at the thought of
seeing lots of animals.

That place that filled us
with excitement - the ‘Zoo’
was the theme of this challenge.

The Challenge Feed was filled
with sceneries of little and
big zoos complete with beautiful
figures of animals of all kinds.

A huge thanks to everyone,
and so, let us go meet
this challenge’s winners!

치타 Cheetah / @jinhee
○•○ Owl♡ / @N.D.T

By looking at the intense gaze,
it must have found its prey.
The cheetah, said to be
the fastest animal on land,
is probably going to run at
full speed towards its prey right?
With the detailed
portrayal of its fur,
it’s almost like seeing
a cheetah right before us,
and it is by @jinhee.

When we go to the zoo,
we quite often see a sleepy owl.
But seeing this owl with its eyes
wide open, it must mean that
night is coming soon.
The owl is probably about
to start its night
activities with a hooting cry.
The life-like detailed depiction
is most impressive,
and it is by @N.D.T.

ZOO / @Darby
Escape Zoo @nuni

The animal eared headbands
and cotton candy are one of those
things you can enjoy at a zoo.
The girl with the huge smile on
her face seems to be enjoying
herself immensely.
That smile probably made
the photographer smile as well.
This picture gives happiness
to the onlookers
and it is by @Darby.

The high walls that kept the
animals inside have tumbled down,
and they are all escaping together.
But, are those two people in front
leading the way for these animals?
Or perhaps are they running away?
We hope that everyone manages
to escape safely.
This is by @nuni.

Leaders Weight / @Weakshe
(Untitled) / @vlad

In the darkness of night,
the gorilla’s serious expression
accompanied by tightly closed lips
seem to tell of its difficult life.
Its expression seems to portray
how heavy the pressure of leading
and taking care of its group is.
Like the title,
we can see the leader’s weight.
This is by @Weakshe.

A panther may be looking down
from a high place,
but it is locked in a cage.
Even though it is caged,
we still feel the danger
in its fierce looking eyes and
the aloof posture it is maintaining.
This picture is by @vlad.

Untitled / @ANDr
풀숲 알파카 / @mayom

There is an adorable little hamster
in someone’s hand.
Do you think that slight smile is
for the owner of the hand?
The round face and soft looking fur
makes you want to reach out
and touch it.
This is by @sloom.

A white alpaca is peeking out
amidst some lush growing plants.
It seems to be looking
for something.
Seeing as its by itself,
perhaps the alpaca is looking for
its friend far away.
We hope that they meet
and play with each other soon.
This is by @mayom_.

House Finch / @Sugan
Animal in ZOO / @Ivaa

A bright red and beautiful bird
is sitting on a sunlit branch.
The finch looks like it will sing
a morning song to the zoo
for it to be a day filled with joy.
It would certainly be even more
exciting if all the birds sitting
on the trees were to sing together.
This is by @Sugan.

A cheetah is walking as if it is
exhausted in a small space
surrounded by a wire fence.
Maybe its spirit is feeling down
because it can’t run freely
in that small space.
When will the cheetah be able to
break free from this suffocating
space and run all it wants?
This picture, full of
the desire for freedom,
is by @lvaa.

These are the 10 final nominees.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your congratulations
and encouragement through
the comments to these 10 people.

Please participate in
September’s second challenge,
‘Birthday’ which is underway.
Thank you.

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