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[Challenge]2019.Semtember:Let's draw Birthday

“Happy Birthday”

there are lots of meaning
to this phrase.
Congratulating, trust, respect,
and love.

These special words are something
you say to a special someone
on a special day that comes
around once a year.

Families, friends, and co-workers
gather together on birthdays
to share appreciation and congrats,
making it a day filled
with happiness.

The theme of this challenge is

Yum yum!☆ Blue cupcake ☆ / @ikyena_ art
Lucky's B-Day♡ / @johnyorksr
Gilbert and JesyA._Lia ... Happy Birthday / @zivzif

Did you know that from
all around the world,
the most people have birthdays
in the month of September?

In the colder winter season,
intimacy with a loved one
not only grows,but because of
the Christmas holiday season
there is also a completely
different mood from daily life.

Around this time, many of
the Christmas babies conceived
are born in September.

PENUP’s birthday is also
coming up on the 27th of September.
Thanks to every Penple’s love,
we are now reaching our 6th birthday.

♡ Wishes And Love ♡ / @crush
23 Jan 2018 / @Lucs

One day, in the year 2014,
a picture was uploaded
by a user on PENUP.

It was accompanied by a note
saying today was their birthday
and asking for birthday wishes.

Numerous PENUP users who saw
this sent endless pictures
of birthday wishes,
perfecting a collaboration.

It was truly touching
to see the outpouring of
birthday messages
filled with affection.

It was a special day
warming everyone’s hearts.

Happy birthday to us!!! / @rw_drawanything
Birthday / @diegochagas

There is a saying
that if you blow out
the same number
of candles as your age
on a birthday cake
with one breath,
your wish will come true.

This custom comes from
ancient Greece’s goddess,
Artemis’s birthday.
It came up again
in medieval Germany
and is symbolic and enjoyed
by everyone around the world
at birthday parties.

It is a day filled with not
only the heart of the one
with a wish blowing
out the candles,
but also others who also
hope the wish comes true.

Do you have any birthday wishes?

It would bring happiness to
everyone if you were
to share your wish.

Please show us a memory
from your last birthday
or something that you look forward
to in your upcoming birthday
through a picture.

This challenge will be held from
16th September (Mon) -
30th September (Mon)
for a total of 15 days.

We look forward to your participation
and many great pictures.

Thank you.

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team