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[Review] 2019. 8월 두 번째 챌린지 에필로그

The hot sun, the lovely beach.
and there are the waves,
which perfect this scenery.

The theme for this challenge was
‘Ocean Wave’.

We can perceive the waves
in various different forms.

They are sometimes gentle
or become violent,
raising sea foam
and crashing waves.

I could almost feel the coolness
from where I was by
seeing artwork portraying a
diverse array of the sea waves.

Thank you to all the participants
who created such happy moments.

We will now announce
this challenge’s winners

Alone! / @TitusCrow
Waves/ @Chris_Lee

There is lone boat floating by
itself on the calm waves by
a seaside; and far away some seagulls
are flying as if to comfort it.
The words ‘nobody can make it alone!’
seem to tell of the loneliness
from being left alone.
This is by @TitusCrow.

The rough waves raging down
can feel scary,
but it could also give a feeling of
freedom to leave your body to the
motion of the big waves.
This picture makes you want
to try surfing on the cool waves
and it is by @Chris_Lee

Colourwaves / @SamTaqvi
Above the waves / @AntoineKhanji

We can see a huge ship
on the sea with gentle waves
on a late sunset evening.
It feels like it is finishing
a long journeyand about to arrive
at its destination.
How many waves do you think
it has gone over?
This entry where you can almost
picture the joy of the sailors
when they reach their destination
is by @SamTaqvi.

This picture makes us wonder how
suffocating it is for the dolphins
that swim in an aquarium pool.
The two dolphins swimming
in the huge waves in the wide ocean
look so free, it is enviable.
They look happier because they both
look alike, and it is an entry
by @AntioneKhanji.

Waves Covered in Gold / @flavin_and_juan
Brasil / @AleksandroReis

As the tide is ebbing,
evening is approaching, coloring
the beach in a golden hue.
A child is sauntering down
the beautiful beach and what could
he be looking down at?
It could be a small crab or
a piece of shell,
or even the child’s reflection.
The gentle lifting of his foot
seems to show how special ‘this’ is.
This is an entry
by @flavin_and_juan.

The owner of the empty chair
was probably gazing at
the cool waves on the blue sea
and the hot sun
under the shade of the
rainbow colored parasol,
and couldn’t take in any longer
and ran to meet the sea.
This entry makes you feel
the joy of a summer vacation
and it is by @AleksandroReis.

Untitled / @ANDr
Untitled / @AENEAN

However unpleasant the weather
may be, the light shone by
a lighthouse doesn’t go out
but a huge wave has swept over it.
We hope that the lighthouse is
able to shine a light again
and help ships home.
This entry makes you feel both the
beauty and the fearfulness of nature
and it is by @ANDr.

We can hear the echo of
the rough waves being swept
by the wind on the
darkened sea in cloudy
and foggy weather.
There is a seawall and a small rocky
castle that seem to have weathered
many storms.
The high wall and the castle
atop of it meet together
to show the passing of time
and it is by @ANEAN.

Ocean Of Life /@TammyShannon
magic ocean waves / @SPR

The moon is peeking through
the clouds and lighting up the sea.
The gently rushing waves try to
swallow up the moon
but the moon soon
finds its place again.
It gives us the urge to take
a stroll down the beach at night.
This is by @TammyShannon.

The blue sea
lights up beautifully with
the colors of the sunrise.
Watching the radiant waves breaking
feels like a gift from nature.
This entry filled with
beautiful magic is by @SPR.

These are our 10 finalists!


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please leave your encouragement
and congrats in the comments
to these 10 people.
Currently September’s
first challenge,
‘Let’s Draw Zoo’ is underway.

We look forward to
your participation.

Thank you.

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