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[Interview] HOF September 2019 @kyounghee

Leonardo da Vinci,
one of the greatest artists
in all humanity,
would first look at the subject’s
personality and traits and
understand them before drawing
a portrait.

People say that he only took up
the brush after he gathered
enough material after vigilant
observation of habits,
appearances, and actions of
people gathered in one location
that had similar traits.

The artist nominated for
September’s HOF is someone whose
excellent observation skills
gives her art a step up from a hobby
into the world of culture,
it is the artist, @kyounghee

You started your activity on PENUP
in October 2018.
In less than a year,
you are showcasing over
900 prolific pictures.

From the beginning you have shown
a diversity of artwork
picturing various people, animals,
and scenery, with outstanding
drawing skills.

You have produced pictures that
are highly realistic
and there are also pictures
that record a lively moment
that catch the eye.

In addition to the detailed
portrayals, you are skilled
at discovering new emotions,
expressions, and poses.

We imagine that you have
excellent observation skills
stemming from your affection
towards your models,
and so, let us begin our
interview with the artist.

We’re the PENUP Operations Team.

Congratulations for being nominated
for September’s HOF, 2019.
How do you feel about
being nominated?

A1. @kyounghee
I consider it a huge honor
to be nominated for HOF even though.
I had only started PENUP
in October 2018 and have been active
for just less than a year.
I am 66 years old,
and when I think of my age
and how someone takes interest
in the hobby that
I enjoy and encourages me through
a social network platform,
I feel very happy.

From October 2018 until now
you have uploaded over 900 pictures.

Your pictures have a high level
of completion and you are incredibly
active in your drawing activities.
When did you start drawing,
and how did you begin?

A2. @kyounghee
I graduated from
Hongik University’s department
of Oriental Art,
and began working as
a designer from a young age.

After that,
I became a full-time
housewife and mother,
and after my children grew up,
I had difficulty entering
into society and implementing what
I had learned because of
my short lived career
and other reasons.

And so after this,
as a talent donation,
I would teach fine art to
residents living in
an apartment complex.
The biggest reason for starting
mobile painting through PENUP,
was when my dog of 16 years died
and I didn’t really have anything
to occupy my mind.

When I discovered there was
a drawing function
on my newly purchased
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
I began using it.

There are various subjects
in your pictures
from children to adults.

There are especially
a majority of western models.
How do you choose your models?

A3. @kyounghee
When I work on a portrait,
the most important thing
I look at are the expressions of
feelings of joy, anger,
sorrow, and pleasure.

I use western models because they
have bigger expressions,
making it easier to portray.

The portrayal of your
subjects are outstanding.

Not only is the realistic
completion astonishing,
but the various sentimental
and colorful emotions
have been expressed with
vitality and movement.

We can see your intact
perceptiveness to feelings.
When you are drawing,
is there a subject or
an emotion that you prefer?

A4. @kyounghee
Outside of expressing feelings of
joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure,
I prefer revealing
purity through children.

And in that aspect,
I probably use babies or
children as subjects quite often.

You have drawn as many animals
as you have people.

The fleeting moment
of the adorable and
humorous animals,
being mostly cats and dogs,
naturally encourage smiles on
the faces of those who are looking.

You have great observation skills
when it comes to animals.
Do you usually have many
opportunities to see animals?

A5. @kyounghee
I like dogs and cats, and specially
I have lived with two dogs
for nearly 15 years each.

Because of this I am familiar
with the dogs’ pure eyes, movements,
and how their fur moves as well
and their change of expressions
and I take great interest
in depicting this into pictures.

Also, I don’t have much difficulty
portraying this functionally
on Samsung mobile,
making it a big reason.

Pictures of nature and
various sceneries are
also quite eye-catching.

We also saw a recent upload of
a self-portrait you did
'when you were travelling.

We are curious whether
you travel often
and also which travel destination
left a deep impact for you

A6. @kyounghee
My oldest son works in
Samsung SDS overseas,
and thanks to him,
I can travel to wherever
he is located.

When he was working in Poland,
I remember Gdańsk and particularly
the neighboring country Germany
and her historical city, Berlin.

Of course, I also can’t forget
Western and Eastern Europe which
have such vastly different
architecture and food to Asia,
and also the two week trip
with my friends
to the French Provence region.

I have been to most of the countries
in Southeast Asia,
and I am thinking of drawing
the memories from a trip last year
to Cambodia’s majestic Angkor
Wat in Siem Reap.

I think it is important to
study history and travel.

We heard that you also have
an Instagram account.

Do you have any memorable moments
while being active on various
social medial platforms
from PENUP to Instagram?

A7. @kyounghee
I think it is a very attractive
thing to be able to communicate
with an unspecified large number
of people from not only
a specific place like South Korea,
but people from all over the world.

Especially considering my age
as a grandmother,
receiving many people’s interest
in something that
I’m doing makes me happy.

As you grow older, it is, of course,
important to grow
and know your value,
and in that aspect,
because I can share and communicate
my hobby with many others,
further enriches my life.

I want to create opportunities to
also share this
happiness with others.

And so I think it would be great
if Samsung created an opportunity
for a place where mobile painting
can be taught off-line.

The detailed and minute portrayal
in each picture as well as the careful
colorings are quite impressive.
You probably need quite a lot of
time to complete each picture.

Despite that you are drawing
with lots of energy.
We are curious how long
each picture takes and how many
hours you spend a day drawing

A8. @kyounghee
The part I allot most of
my time and energy to are
mainly on the eyes.

This applies to not only portraits,
but for animal subjects as well.

I do have a goal which is
to express an analogue sentiment
while using digital technology.

Drawing one picture takes around
under 3 hours and depending
on the subject,
it can take more or less time.

Since it is rather difficult
to give an example
to further explain,
it would be great to have
an opportunity to show
you how I work.

We saw how you introduced yourself
as someone who draws using
a Galaxy Note 9 and is
a 67-year-old dog-lover.
What do you think are
the strengths of digital drawing?

A9. @kyounghee
I use the spray brush and adjust
the thickness when I draw,
and what I am most concerned
with technically,
is depicting the subject’s texture.
For example,
I like emphasizing the expression of
minerals, wood, stone, fur
and surface texture like the skin,
and also using lights and shadows
in addition to back lighting.

The biggest strength of
digital drawing is
being able to easily give
embodiment to ideas.

This is our last question.

While you have been using PENUP,
Is there anything
you’d like to praise,
or anything you’d like
to be improved,
or even any words
you’d like to say to PENUP?

A10. @kyounghee
I am mostly satisfied with what
I can do with the functions on
Samsung mobile but I do think that
the paint brush can be improved.

For example,
when using the paint brush to color,
the color disappears and
a round hole appears on the screen.

What I would like to request of
PENUP is making a place for
not only online activity,
but a place to be active off-line
and through these activities,
the PENUP users and even
the operators may consider
creating a synergy amongst them.

For example,
it’s great from the users’
perspective to be able to enjoy
their hobbies and communicate
and share same interests
with each other,
but I think that there could also
be a way for Samsung PENUP operators
and Samsung mobile to use this
in assisting business.

YouTube isn’t specific
but targets everything,
however in PENUP’s case,
it differs with its limit
on drawing pictures,
but because of this restriction,
there is a closer sense of
belonging and participation,
resulting in a bigger royalty.

@kyounghee artist’s
exceptional affection and experience
towards nature, animals, and people,
becomes a driving force
in producing pictures
where you can see their lives.

This was a time where we could
take a glimpse of the endless
persistence in drawing
which started with the artist’s will
and sensory discernment
toward moments filled with life.

It makes us recall something that
Pierre-Auguste Renoir had said.

“To my mind, a picture should
be something pleasant,
cheerful, and pretty, yes pretty!
There are too many unpleasant
things in life as it is
without creating still more of them.”

Penple everyone,
try observing the things you love
and expressing it through
a drawing like this artist.
We look forward to an overflow
of emotions to fill up PENUP. :)

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