2019-08-30. AM 02:03
[HOF] September 2019 @kyounghee

Hello PENPLE everyone!
Do you usually enjoy ‘observation’?
I think I have spent less time to stop
and stand still to observe things by.
Especially, it’s not even easy to see them
with the mind’s eye.
A French microbiologist Pasteur once said,
“A chance of observation only comes to prepared ones.”.

@kyounghee has been nominated
with the artist's great observation
for this month of September’s HOF.

This artist's feed is full of
various people, animals and scenes.
Looking at this artist's pieces,
there’s a feel of both
the East and West sensibilities in realism.

In portrait, we can feel
the stable and realistic sketch
that contains the emotion of the person.
It is never easy to describe
not only one’s physical appearance
but also his or her emotion,
We see this artist's observation
to read out the story of a person.

Also, among the artist's pieces,
Including captures of interesting moments,
There are lots of the ones
with the will of the liveliness.

Visit the artist's feed right now and,
meet various pieces
with the outstanding observation.
Don’t forget to leave a cheering comment
with congratulation on fanbook.

Please look forward to the interview
with the artist coming soon! :)


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