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[Challenge]2019.September:Let's draw Zoo

Have you ever been to the zoo?

Zoos are one of the most popular places
to go out for lovers and families.
The zoo in childhood memory was always so amazing,
Kids never even notice the ice creams
melting down on their hands.
But they playfully run around
to see the new animals around the place.

The zoo is a grateful place
giving a chance of tremendous inspirations.
You can see animals in your daily life with ease.

What do you think about the zoo?
Try recalling your happy memory
and impressive animals.
I guess it’s great to go on a visit
in the zoo near your place.

This time, the theme of the challenge is 'Zoo'.

Tiger / @Harley
Mandrill portrait / @3ddydotcom
Wolf / @pinky

Giving rights for animals to live in nature
have been gradually voiced recently.
What is the zoo on the side of animals?
Is it a comfort and protected place
or a place they are captured?

Sometimes when we hear the news of abused animal,
we think about animal welfare that we've overlooked.

Animals live together with us.
For them sharing our nature,
I guess the zoo shall be a cozy shelter.

Animal Friends / @OpelsArt
Wild Animals!! / @PrashantHatolka

In the real world,
There are many zoos trying their best
in protecting wild animals
and saving endangered animals
while we can still meet various animals in there.

On the wide area with approximately 40ha,
In a zoo in San Diego, California, USA,
Approximately 650 spices and 4,000 animals
are on free outdoor living without cages.

There is a modern veterinary hospital in the
Wellington Zoo in New Zealand.
A veterinarian directly educates the reasons
why animals are sick and how to treat them
which help us gain knowledge on animal protection.

Untitled / @totos
McCaw / @Chris

Sometimes, animals give us
great inspiration.

An air conditioner inspired
by an owl with its quiet fly,
Hiking boots imitating the shape of a goat’s sole
to freely climb the sheer rocks,
Kitchen knife inspired by the front tooth of a beaver
that can grind the thickest wood in the blink of an eye and
Subways created and inspired by moles,
All of them are making our lives so easy.

With this chance to feel the wild
in busy modern society,
Zoos provide emotional stability
and various inspirations to people.

Why don’t you draw a zoo
where you can learn love for animals?

This challenge is from
1st September (Sun) to 15th September (Sun)
for 15 days.

We look forward to some great entries
and your participation.

Thank you.

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