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[Interview] HOF August 2019 @FatemaMusharrof

Do you know who holds
the Guinness world record
for most prolific painter?
It is the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.

It is said that he produced about
13,500 paintings,
100,000 prints and engravings,
34,000 book illustrations,
and 300 sculptures and ceramics.

Picasso grew his particular set of skills
through this extensive activity of creating.
He was a genius not only from birth,
but through his endless effort.

The artist nominated for August's HOF
is also an artist expanding his artistic skills
through endless effort.

It’s the artist, @FatemaMusharrof.

This artist began their PENUP activity
on January 2017, and is showing prolific work
ever since.

When you compare
this artist's past and current works,
You can check
the continuous progress and
detailed changes
in drawing technique and skill.

You realize that if,
including beginners, keep on drawing,
anybody can attain a high level of skills
and become a talented artist.

We are looking forward
to the interview with this artist
who, through consistency,
started as a beginner
and became a professional artist.
Let’s begin.

Hello, we’re the PENUP Operations Team.
Congratulations on being nominated
for August’s HOF.

Congratulating comments are being posted
on your Fan Book.

How do you feel?

A1. @FatemaMusharrof
First of all thank you Penup team
for giving me the honor of HOF
and congratulating me.

I’m very happy indeed.
Although, I think this is too early for me
as there are many more things to learn.

I was very surprised
when I saw my fanbook was flooded
with love and greetings of my friends.

I am overwhelmed receiving
congratulatory messages from my friends.

I want to give thanks to all my friends
for congratulating me
and always giving me encouragement
through their inspiring words.

You posted your first picture on January 2017.
How did you get to start PENUP?

A2. @FatemaMusharrof
I first discovered Penup
when I got my galaxy note 4.

But for various reason
I didn’t get much opportunity to attend here.

But starting from 2017,
I found myself interested in it.

Currently you have uploaded 500 postings.
You are showing us a diligence in your pictures.

It reminds us of the saying that
consistency is key.

What motivates you to
actively work on your pictures?

A3. @FatemaMusharrof
Yes, I believe that remain consistent
in any work can get us success.

From my very childhood
I loved drawing and painting.
I always wanted to be good at it.

My passion for drawing and utmost attraction
for nature always motivates me
to do continuous work.

You usually paint landscapes or objects of nature.
You use neat brush strokes
to depict a picture diary of daily life
with environment-friendly subjects.

Do you have a reason for mainly drawing nature?

A4. @FatemaMusharrof
My country Bangladesh is
full of Green, Lush and Beautiful landscapes.

Diversity of nature always fascinates me.
I do gardening and I also have various plants.
I have lots of birds and fishes in my pond.
When I am stressed,
I go and spend time watching my garden.
I love seeing nature related landscape pictures
and videos in my leisure time.

I also want to spread awareness
about the importance of nature in our life.
So it is obvious for me to draw nature.

The more technology is introduced in our lives,
the more nature we need.

When we took a look at your feed,
it was astonishing to see how your technique
improved daily when comparing your previous works.

We felt that your drawing skills became increasingly adept
and the picture’s angles and composition
were more polished and sophisticated.

We once again realized that a professional
is made through consistency
not something to be born with.

We are curious about your opinion.

Where do you think the qualities lie
to become an expert?

A5. @FatemaMusharrof
I believe that consistency is
most important to
become an expert in any subject.

Being consistent gives us new experiences
to observe our works more efficiently
and help us to identify weak points in our works.

Your growth process
could be an example
to those amateurs
who aren’t used to drawing yet
and lack confidence.

Please could you give a word of
encouragement or advice to those out there.

A6. @FatemaMusharrof
Anyone who love to draw
and want to learn should practice
more and give more time to their work.

Obviously Consistency and Hardworking
is the key to success.

Don’t bother to draw what you want.
Be your own worst critic.

Observe the artwork of great artists
and the way they did their work can be useful.

What is the drawing device you are currently using?
We are also curious
about the drawing application that you’re using.

A7. @FatemaMusharrof
Previously I used Samsung galaxy note 2 and note 4.
Presently, I am using Galaxy note 8 and Samsung Tab A6 for drawing.
Mostly I use Penup, Infinite Painter
and Art rage, Art rage oil etc.

There are many comments on your work.
You always give sincere replies, right?

Your active communication with other users
is quite memorable.

What does communicating with others through pictures
mean to you personally?

A8. @FatemaMusharrof
Communicating with others means
a lot to me.

The whole community can express
and share various ideas,
knowledge, information,
thoughts and feelings with each other.

Constructive comments inspire us
to do more quality work.

What are your plans for any future artwork?

A9. @FatemaMusharrof
My future drawing will be besides landscapes,
drawing various objects.

Right now, I will be giving more attention
to acrylic painting.

Here is our last question.

We would like to know what you think about PENUP
as a PENUP user.

Are there any good points or anything that needs improvement?

Penple’s encouragement and suggestions
greatly help us in our PENUP operation.

A10. @FatemaMusharrof
In my opinion,
Penup is a vast platform for drawing,
painting and coloring.

Recently, live drawing feature is added in penup
which I think will be very useful
for those who want to learn drawing
but do not have much opportunity
to take institutional courses.

It would be better if the color circle
or color picker for choosing various color shades
would be more easily accessible.
That would be very helpful to do the work
more quickly and efficiently.
Is there any possible way if I want to shift
my penup account from facebook to google,
twitter or Samsung for login to penup.
If not then I will request to add that option.

How was the interview with the artist?

Perhaps this interview motivated
those who lacked the courage
to draw because they aren’t good yet
to start drawing,
however poorly at first.

None is perfect from the start.
When you try hard to overcome any
lacking aspects,
your drawing life will shine all the brighter in the process.
Just like this artist had done.

Please light up PENUP
by uploading your shining pictures
drawn with this mindset,
making PENUP all the more beautiful. : )

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